Comic Book Review – Daredevil #3

Daredevil #3

Writer – Chip Zdarsky

Artist – Marco Checchetto

Recap – “Daredevil is wanted for murder. Detective Cole North, a tough-as nails transplant from Chicago, has been tasked with bringing the Kitchen’s Guardian Devil in. Determined to prove his innocence, Daredevil revisited the scene of the robbery, only to come face-to-face with Detective North…and his department -issued sidearm.”

Mayor Fisk is finishing up a speech and as he walks offstage, his right-hand man James Wesley informs the mayor of Daredevil’s encounter with the police. Fisk tells Wesley to get his car; he wants to see Daredevil finally apprehended by the police and brought to justice.

As Detective North bends down to handcuff Daredevil, Matt kicks the gun from the detective’s hands and runs away. Matt’s injured shoulder prevents him to escape via the neighborhood rooftops, so he decides to stay street level. He sees a men’s store and decides to take Foggy’s advice and ditch the costume and find some civilian clothing.

Detective North chases down Daredevil and finds him on a crowded street.  As police back up arrives and Mayor Fisk is seen with the police, Matt realizes he has nowhere to go.  He throws North’s gun away and the two men spar mano a mano. The fight is evenly matched until Matt realizes his shoulder injury is getting worse by the second.  Detective North easily overpowers Matt, arrests the vigilante, and reads him his Miranda rights. As North is about to unmask Daredevil, a cop stops him and tells him that Daredevil has done so much to protect his fellow brothers in blue and the city, they at least owe the hero an opportunity to protect his identity. Matt is put in the back of a police car and immediately tries to figure out a way to escape.

Mayor Fisk leaves the scene to work on his speech to announce the capture of Daredevil. The police are attacked by gunfire and smoke bombs. North rushes to check on Daredevil as he realizes this is an attempt to break Matt out of police custody. Matt has freed himself from his cuffs and the back of the police car. As Matt falls over from his injuries, an unseen figure chokes out Detective North. Matt passes out and awakens on a slab in an unknown location, his shoulder bandaged and arms restrained. The issue ends with The Punisher revealed as the person who rescued Matt and dressed his wounds.

Every issue so far has ended on a cliffhanger that immediately makes me hungry to devour the next issue. Daredevil and the Punisher have had a contentious relationship over the years. Matt wants to bring criminals to justice so they can be held responsible for their dastardly deeds. Frank Castle believes all criminals must be punished no matter the severity of the crime and that punishment is death. Both men have had to reluctantly work together over the years when needed. Frank will be disappointed next issue when he learns that Matt didn’t murder that low-level criminal like everyone thinks he did. Will these men come to blows and who will survive the experience? Can Detective North apprehend Daredevil again after Matt slipped through the detective’s fingers? How will The Kingpin react to the news about Daredevil’s escape?

Find out April 17th, 2019 when Daredevil #4 is released in comic stores and online via Comixology.