Comic Book Review – Daredevil #2

Daredevil #2

Written by Chip Zdarsky

Art by Marco Checchetto

Recap – “Back in Hell’s Kitchen after a traumatic injury and off his game, Daredevil has seemingly killed a low-level crook. Charged with murder, Matt seeks a way to clear Daredevil’s name. But with the arrival of Detective Cole North, the heat in Hell’s Kitchen is just getting higher…”

Foggy is desperately trying to reach Matt by phone after the front-page headline declares Daredevil a murderer. Matt has been in Foggy’s office the whole time and the two friends talk. Matt believes that the Kingpin is setting him up. Foggy wants Matt to stop his extracurricular activities as Daredevil for awhile but Matt disagrees; Matt thinks if he goes into hiding then the city will believe he is guilty. Matt leaves to begin his investigation to clear his name.

At the hospital where the criminals were taken after their fight with Daredevil, Matt interviews Dr. Moffat and asks about Leo Carraro. The doctor tells Matt that Leo had a head injury at the base of his skull and a CT scan revealed he a blood clot. Leo was rushed to surgery but died before he could be operated on. The doctor tells Daredevil he messed up and needs to stop using extreme violent methods to stop criminals.

Meanwhile, Detective North and his partner, Fred Higgins, visit Wilson Fisk at the Mayor’s Office. Detective North set this meeting up to get a firsthand look at the infamous Kingpin of Crime. North tells Mr. Fisk he will ensure the mayor has extra security for the time being until Daredevil is captured. The men leave, and Fisk tells Wesley he isn’t responsible for what’s happened. Daredevil, outside the office nearby, overhears Fisk’s confession and can tell he’s not lying as his heartbeat is steady.

Matt seeks the counsel of his priest but ends up running into Sister Elizabeth at the church. Matt asks for advice and the nun tells him if he wants to help people, then do so. Matt decides if he’s going out on patrol as Daredevil then he is going to help save people’s lives. Matt stops two muggers from harming a couple. Instead of gratitude, the couple’s reaction is fear of Daredevil as Matt walks away, dejected. He realizes if Foggy doesn’t believe in Matt’s innocence then how can he convince anyone else?

Matt goes back to the liquor store to look for evidence. A distracted Daredevil is unable to sense Detectives North and Higgins behind him. Matt throws his billy club and knock down Higgins. Matt knocks down North but North pulls his gun and BLAM! North shoots Daredevil. The issue ends with North calling in for backup as Matt lies on the ground motionless.

Another solid issue brought to you by Zdarsky and Checchetto. As Matt attempts to clear his name, can he REALLY be responsible for a low-level criminal’s death? If Kingpin isn’t responsible for setting Matt up, who is trying to end Daredevil’s career as a vigilante? There is a panel featuring the Owl during the course of the issue. I feel this is a red herring though. I’m hoping there is a future issue dedicated solely to Cole North and his time in Chicago before moving to New York City. We get an inkling of his past during the meeting between him and Wilson Fisk. The Kingpin has done his homework and knows a few interesting tidbits about Detective North including the man’s family. Once North apprehends Daredevil, his next target is the mayor. Better watch out Kingpin, the new cop in town won’t stop until all evildoers are behind bars.