Best Video Game Tournament – HD Years – Nominations

This is the sixth in a series of video game tournaments to determine the best video game of all time (according to the Avocado)!

Because this is such a broad category, and because of the difficulty in comparing, say, arcade games from the 70s with AAA games from last year, the tournaments are split up by generation. These generations will roughly follow popular console generations, mainly because PC games don’t have comparable splits.

The sixth generation is the HD Years.

This covers:

Please do not nominate any games released originally on the PS4, Xbox One, WiiU, 3DS or Vita. They will be covered in the next tournament.

To nominate, simply post your nomination in the comments below.

One nomination per comment. You can nominate multiple games, but please try not to spam the comments.

The games with the most upvotes will go on to the first round. The threshold for moving onto the next round will be determined by how many entries and how many upvotes are received. You may upvote as many nominations as you like.

Remakes / Remasters: If you are nominating a remake or remaster of a game that was eligible in a previous round, please add a note with the most substantial changes that you believe makes the remake/remaster’s inclusion warranted.

Expansions / DLC: Expansions and DLC will be considered part of the base game’s nomination and will not be considered separately.

Dual versions: Games with simultaneously released dual versions, such as Pokemon Red/Blue, will be considered a single entry.

New rounds will be posted on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

This nomination round will run until Tuesday night 10PM EST.