Werewolves 89 – Space Freighter: Signups

The year is 2029. The Northwest Passage is ice-free five months of the year, all the cars from 2004 are now antiques, and leaving Earth has never been a more affordable mistake.

A fresh wave of deregulation has given rise to unwieldy corporate conglomerates, which consider space the ultimate emerging market. Xerox-Frito-Lay has just merged with IdaDyne Mining & Minerals-Chrysler-Quaker Oats to form something called, confusingly, Eaglescream Systems. This is extremely interesting to shareholders and absolutely no one else.

Eaglescream CEO Walter Hovnatanian III sees potential in one of the company’s more obscure assets, a space launch service provider called Zastava Starworks, based in Belgrade. ZSW has developed a powerful rocket, derived from final-generation Soviet ICBM tech. Zastava Starworks – and, by extension, Eaglescream Systems – is a tiny player in the space market. At the moment, SpaceX and Lockheed-Raytheon are the biggest operators, and ZSW is #31 in gross spaceflight revenue, right behind Huawei. What they need is a media coup, something that can draw the world’s attention. Terrible, terrible opportunity has just struck.

Scientists have discovered a new planet, circling far beyond the orbit of Pluto. It’s Earth-sized, and reflects almost no light. The name of this world is Iadolanth. Nobody is sure where the name came from. Everyone just woke up one day knowing it. People try not to think about that.

Walter wants to send a ZSW ship to explore Iadolanth. This will take many years, but another Eaglescream division, Manitoba Cryonics, has developed stasis pods that will definitely work this time. Major prestige is at hand if this works: Humans have never gone beyond the asteroid belt.

A ship is readied. Recruitment ads are posted online. No prior spaceflight experience needed, must be willing to leave Earth for 20 years.

Welcome to Werewolves 89: Space Freighter. This is a nice, cozy werewolf game for you and 19 friends. You’ll be deployed on the ZSW Paternoster, a starship that isn’t even finished yet. You’re going to space. It’s going to be very exciting!


  • 15 Crew (Townies), including
    • 1 Comms Officer (Investigator)
    • 1 Supervisor (Jailer)
  • 4 Spacejackers (Wolves)
  • 1 ??? (Serial Killer)


  • The Crew goal is to reach Iadolanth, survey it, then radio the results back to Earth. Surviving long enough to get back is optional, as far as Eaglescream corporate is concerned.
  • The Spacejackers will attempt to overpower the crew and divert the Paternoster to Saturn’s moon Titan, which they mistakenly believe is habitable. Long, peaceful days await them on the shores of methane seas, away from the hustle and bustle of the inner worlds. Or so they think.
  • The final member of you crew is… something else. It looks like you, and talks like you, but it isn’t. Don’t be silly, of course it isn’t an alien.

Story aside, this is close to basic werewolf, and should be a beginner-friendly game. Signups will be capped at 20 players. I’ll be busy this weekend, so the game will start Monday.



  1. Mayelbridwen
  2. MacCrocodile
  3. Sister Jude
  4. Grumproro
  5. DW
  6. April LKD
  7. Donalbain
  8. Snugglewumps
  9. Jake
  10. Hoho
  11. Sic Humor
  12. Ralph Waldo Wiggum
  13. Subsaharan
  14. Corporal Hicks
  15. Spiny Creature
  16. Wasp
  17. Goat
  18. Owen1120
  19. Spookyfriend
  20. Mr. Glitch


  1. Library Lass
  2. Hayes