Night Thread

On this day in 2002, singer Layne Staley passed away in his Seattle condo at the age of 34 of an accidental drug overdose. For the years leading up to his death, Staley had become increasingly reclusive and hard to get into contact with. Alice in Chains, the band he helped bring to fame with his distinctive vocals and lyrics, had largely been on hiatus as Staley retreated from public life and would remain that way for several more years. The final song recorded for the album would be guitarist/vocalist Jerry Cantrell’s tribute to his longtime friend.

Elton John, a favorite of both Cantrell’s and Staley’s and an artist who influenced both their musical tastes, accepted an invitation to play the piano and provide backing vocals on the song. where Cantrell goes into more detail about how the collaboration came together. Click play, its a very beautiful goodbye.

ETA: A smarter person than myself would’ve remembered its also the anniversary of Kurt Cobain’s death and made this about both men. But its too late to remedy this while drinking soooooooo you’re stuck with the version a less smart me did