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Massachusetts/New England Meetup 03: Stone-setting?

Part One Part Two

Yes, another one of these threads.  I was actually going to post this last week, but I wanted to let the California meetups run their course. Anyways.

I am going to try to see if we can set things down.

Japan Festival Boston is taking place on the 27th from 11:00 to 5:00 in Boston Common, which is accessible from Park Street Red Line/Green Line as well as Boylston Street and Arlington on the Green Line. You can also get there from Downtown Crossing on the Red Line/Orange Line or Chinatown on the Orange Line, though it is a bit more of a walk. I am not sure about parking. I would…assume that it is ADA compliant, but I am not sure. The website is here.

So, you can arrive when you want. I would say maybe around 2:30 unless you want to be there earlier. After that, if we still want to do something, we could go to…wherever. In fact, as long as we agree on where to go, we do not even necessarily have to go there at the same time if you feel like leaving the festival early.

There are bars nearby, though I am not sure which is ADA compliant. If we want to move elsewhere, it was suggested that we go to a bar near the Harvard Square Red Line stop, either Border Cafe or GrendelsdenHarpoon Brewery was also suggested. It was said that there may be a Silver Line bus from South Station.

Now, this is pretty open, so there is much less pressure to actually commit now. We probably should, however, nail down which bar to go to at some point and a general timeframe.