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Massachusetts/New England Meetup 02: Possible Choices

Here are some suggestions that had been made in the Previous Thread, at least ones that had not been rejected. Still, nothing is set in stone.



Saturday, the 27th of April seems to be the most likely. I know that someone cannot make it on the 20th of April, another person cannot make it earlier than late April, another person cannot make it on the first weekend of May, and another person cannot make it in early April or the 11th of May. So, the 27th of April seems the most likely to me.



Option 1

Drunken axe-throwing with Urban Axes Boston at 2 Union Square in…uh…Somerville. Man, what is it with us and Somerville? There is “limited parking on site” and I have no idea what that means. It is right by a bus stop on the 86, 87, and 91 routes. It is a little under a mile from the Sullivan Square Orange Line station, but a bit over a mile from either the Red Line’s Porter Square or Harvard Square station. The place is open from 11 AM to 11 PM. While, walk-ins are accepted to an extent, I would probably book ahead of time; that would require at least a range, which I am assuming has to be more specific than between 8 and 32. The place claims to be ADA compliant and you do not necessarily need to throw axes.


Option 2

Funspot! Located at 579 Endicott Street North, Laconia New Hampshire, or that little green thing that I put on the map in the featured image. It looks like it is off of Route 3. Arcade games, bowling, mini-golf, and…uh…party rooms. Open from 10 AM to 12 AM. The suggestion was that non-Northerners meet up…somewhere and rent a bus, while the Northerners get there some other way. Of course, then that would make this a long-term meetup, as a bus trip will be…kind of long, and you can’t just leave at any time. Is the place ADA compliant? I would assume so, but the website has too many links.


Option 3

Lowell…Lowell…situated in…that little blue squiggle that I made on the map…or somewhere around there. We can figure something out. You can get there on the Commuter Rail’s Lowell Line.


Option 4

Harbor Cruise. Located…in the Harbor.



As you can see, there are not really any WHERE suggestions located in Western or Southern New England. People are still free to throw some out, either to change the venue or for a second meetup that is more convenient for people in those locations.


And here is an alternate map from reddit: FsfAsZsTAY2a3xKUyr2NbODw-afFbmad3Ns4AWQvKPM