Massachusetts/New England Meetup: Preliminary Stages

This thread is just throwing out the possibility of a meetup…though I might update this if plans start to take shape.


There have been three Massachusetts/New England meetups since this community began. At least there were three to my knowledge. All of them took place in Somerville, outside of Boston. This had been the most accessible location for the most people (at least for those who can take the Redline or park at Alewife and then take the Redline), but I realize that it was not a possibility for some New Englanders. If anyone has ideas for alternate towns or cities that are more accessible to more people, we can discuss that. Of course, there is nothing preventing two separate meetups in different locations.

The first two meetups centered around a bowling place, and then moved to a restaurant. The third meetup centered around a non-electronic game place, and then moved to a restaurant. We can do the same things or something different. Just remember that the third meetup had 15 members as well as 3 spouses. We almost completely crowded out the game place and had to be split between the ground floor and basement in the restaurant. And, while I liked the restaurant, it had an…interesting approach to the Americans with Disabilities Act.

As for a day, I was thinking a Saturday afternoon-evening in April. That is just my personal preference and we can push it back to May if that is better for others. I am not sure if there will be enough time to organize something in March, but that is also a possibility.

I will not be pestering individuals with tags as I did last year, especially since there are people who are not entirely comfortable with attending something like this. That does, however, mean that people who are interested may have to be more vigilant in checking for updates themselves. Alternately, there can be a separate thread once a plan really starts taking shape. Right now, I just want to see who is interested and what the general space/time range is.

So, that’s it for now…but now is always changing.


UPDATE 2: Ideas not yet dismissed as of February 12 at 11:00 AM 

Where: If one can get there by the MBTA on weekends, then that would be good.

Would maybe having multiple localized meetups be more feasible for some? Not necessarily cancelling a big meetup, but as an alternative for those who are unable to go too far, as well as extra meetups for those who can. In any case, a place with easy bathroom access would be a plus.

How about Funspot? It is in middle-western New Hampshire. Massachusetteers can meet…somewhere and rent a bus to go there and then meet up with the northerners at the place itself.

Or…somewhere…in Lowell. It is located at…uh…Heroin and is accessible by the Commuter Rail.


When: Maybe a Saturday in late April, preferably not earlier in April, the first weekend in May or the second weekend of May. It looks like it would be the 27th of April or mid-May. Whenever it is, it would be nice to have the date down five or six weeks in advance if possible.