The Avocado Guide to Films by Women

In response to a dearth of films by women on the latest Avocado Sight & Sound, I made a Night Thread header recommending a bunch of films directed (or co-directed) by women. The response was positive and a bunch of commenters recommended films directed by women that they liked. I decided to collect them all in a free to edit Google doc.

The response to that was positive as well. Since there’s people that don’t hang out in the OTs and people that missed that thread, I decided to make a whole discussion on the subject to get more films.

So, tell me what your favorite films by women are. It can be feature length or short, live action or animated, documentary or narrative, as long as a woman is behind the camera. (You don’t have to single out films not in the Google doc or weren’t mentioned.)

Here’s a link to the Google doc:

(If you’re unable to add films to the doc like several people here have had issues with, just let me know and I’ll add it.)