Public Domain Theater: Night of the Living Dead (& “Booby Traps”)

Welcome to Public Domain Theater, your home for the wonderful world of films that have (in the United States, at least) fallen into the public domain, and are free for everyone to see!

Today we present to you quite possibly the most influential horror movie of all time: George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead, the film that created what we now know as the zombie apocalypse genre. Though the word “zombie” is never actually used in the movie, and during production, Romero and others working on the project referred to the reanimated, cannibalistic dead as “ghouls”. The more you know.

It’s a dark, violent, and bleak picture, so we’ve also got a Private Snafu cartoon, “Booby Traps”. It’s about a U.S. soldier who falls victim to IEDs planted by the enemy. It’s more fun than it sounds.

So board up the windows, keep a shotgun handy, and don’t let any zombies ghouls keep you from viewing these classic pictures!

Opening Cartoon:

Feature Presentation: