The Night Thread of Gmod Add-ons

Garry’s Mod is a game that allows you to take the assets of other games and reuse them in a sandbox environment. The games it pulls from are a short but solid list – Half-Life 2, Team Fortress 2, both Portal games, and a host of more obscure titles – that share the common feature of being built in Valve Corporation’s Source engine.

Garry’s Mod (or Gmod for short) gives you access to things like maps, items, character models and – in the case of Half-Life 2 – fully functional weapons and enemies. Beyond that, there’s a robust Steam Workshop presence for Gmod, where people upload their own creations, models ripped from other games, and weird homebrew maps.

The following is a list of things that don’t exist in the Steam workshop, but should.


  • Fully poseable ragdoll of Grover Cleveland
  • Potted cactus that screams when shot
  • Antarctica
  • Drivable AMC Pacer
  • Alarm clock can read system time and goes off at 6:00 no matter what you do
  • Soda machine that has Tab
  • Library map with NPC librarians who shush you when you fire your weapons, and are immune to damage
  • The set from Match Game ’77
  • Bees
  • David Letterman, but he has Combine weapons and is programmed to read the player as hostile
  • Gun that shoots bubbles
  • The spinning vortex from season 3 of The Twilight Zone
  • A silent film setting that lowers the framerate to 14 fps, shades everything in sepia, and replaces character voice lines with intertitle cards
  • Floam
  • Baby ducklings that imprint on whoever they see first and follow them around
  • TurboTax emulator
  • Waffle maker
  • One of those state fair booths where you fill a bottle with different colors of sand
  • Venus
  • Recursive nightmare doorway that opens onto itself
  • Book of the month club mod, where every month it adds a new book model
  • Paint shoes that let you draw by walking around
  • A copy of the island from PUBG so I can walk around it for 30 goddamn seconds without being shot