San Diego and Los Angeles Meetups! 3/7 and 3/8

Jam and lutair are coming to California this (long) weekend. We will arrive in San Diego late Wednesday (3/6). We will be there until Friday (3/8), where we’ll drive up to Los Angeles and be there until Sunday (3/10). If you’re in the area and interested in meeting, here’s the place to set that kind of thing up!

anime sparklers
Artist’s dramatic pre-enactment

Update: San Diego meetup set for 7PM on Thursday 3/7 at Blind Lady Alehouse. Los Angeles meetup set for 7PM on Friday 3/8 at Quarters in Koreatown. See the subthreads below

These meetups are not to be confused with Gwahir’s LA meetup, which is on the weekend of March 16th. …We can have two meetups.