Werewolf 86 – The Shining – Signups

You have received an invitation printed on sturdy, expensive paper. It smells like champagne and lavender. On the front you see The Overlook Hotel printed in large, gold letters. On the inside you find the details of this unique invitation:

To Our Very Special Guest:

You are cordially invited to spend the winter in our fine establishment in this once-in-a-lifetime offer.

The Overlook has one hundred and ten guest quarters. Thirty of them, all suites, are here on the third floor. Ten in the west wing (including the Presidential Suite), ten in the center, ten more in the east wing. All of them command magnificent views. There will be more rooms than guests, so you will have the unique chance to choose whichever room suits your fancy when you arrive.

During your stay you will have full use of the facilities, including the marvelous Overlook Dining Room and the Colorado Lounge. During the season that runs from May fifteen to September thirtieth, the Overlook employs one hundred and ten people full-time. During your stay there will be limited staff, but you can rest assured that all your needs will be met by our very best employees, including our newly hired, yet highly qualified, Winter Caretaker.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Albert Shockley

You have heard ghastly rumors about the Overlook Hotel’s history. Didn’t the last caretaker try to kill his wife and child? Oh, but that was years ago. And the other stories of ghouls can’t be true, right? After all, you have also heard wonderful tales of the magnificent views and glamorous parties held there. Will you accept this strange invitation?

Town Roles:

12 Hotel Guests (Vanilla Town)
1 Mother (Town Jailkeeper)
1 Gifted Child (Town Cop)
1 Head Chef (One Shot Town Martyr)
2 “Twins” (Town Shared QT)

Scum Roles:

3 Vengeance-Seeking Ghosts (Vanilla Wolves)
1 Ghostly Bartender (One Shot Recruiter Wolf)
1 Winter Caretaker (Vanilla Town Turned SK)


The rules at the Overlook Hotel are fairly simple. During the Day, you will socialize and vote. You will have until Twilight to vote to kill one of the guests that you suspect is actually a ghostly visitor seeking vengeance against the living. The guest who receives a majority vote (or who has the most votes by Twilight) will be thrown into the labyrinth where they will either freeze to death or be consumed by the void. If a majority is reached before official Twilight, the Day will automatically end (even if your charming narrator is not here to call Twilight). In the case of a tie, the labyrinth’s victim will be decided by luck (RNG).

During the Night, the Mother, the Gifted Child, and the Winter Caretaker (once appointed) will choose targets in their personal QTs. The Vengeance-Seeking Ghosts will choose their target in their shared QT.

Jailing happens first, then investigation, and then the killing/recruiting. If a player is jailed they cannot be killed, investigated, or recruited. If the Gifted Child is jailed they cannot receive messages from Tony. If the Winter Caretaker is jailed they cannot kill. The Mother cannot jail themselves or the same player two nights in a row.

Hotel Guests win when all Vengeance-Seeking Ghosts and the Winter Caretaker are dead. The Ghosts win when they outnumber the Hotel Guests and the Winter Caretaker is eliminated. The Winter Caretaker wins when they outlive everyone else.

Please note that you will need to make a handful of game-related comments per Day (three to six at least). Your narrator has been told that the hotel gets very angry when people don’t participate, so you will be *clears throat* dealt with, if you don’t participate.

Roleplaying is encouraged but not required.

Comment below to reserve a room. All guests should be prepared to arrive on Thursday. I recommend packing warm clothing and formal wear. Pets are quite welcome, although we don’t recommend letting them wander freely. Children will be tolerated but not appreciated. The Labyrinth will be closed for renovations.


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