“Cathar-takes:” the”bad take” thread

Hello, and welcome to Cathar -takes: The bad take thread that we are trying out.

One of the takeaways from the recent survey about the daily politics thread was that we often find catharsis in pointing and laughing at ridiculous, bad takes on the interwebpipes, but it can jam up some serious discussion. So here is a place to post those bad takes and” close, but no potato” type things.

Some guidelines to help this be cathartic and not a dumpster fire:

  • All the usual rules apply. Point and laugh at the takes and logic, but don’t generalize about race, gender, region, etc.
  •  Not that anyone would ever DREAM of it —  but anything reposted from 4/ 8 chan will be deleted.  This is not your chance to go looking for truly awful shit to stir things up. Reddit is that a-way if you must.
  • This is not a place / excuse for you to post any of your personal trolling on, say, Breitbart comment sections. Again — Reddit is that-away.
  • We’ll decide together on any further guidelines.


Tempura Lullaby. Timbermonger Lowlife. Turtle Lilliput. Tertiary Lumberjack. Tape-Deck Laramie. Telecaster. Longitude. Tomi Lahren.  Tomato Labyrinth. Texas Logjam. Tina Linoleu. Tourist Location. Toucan Limoncello. Transit Lambada. Tarmac Lifeguard. Tamarind Lumbermill. Tilde Longitude. Teperature Lululemon. Toddler Lungfish. Tunnel Librettist.

( I just really wanted to do that!)