The Thursday Politics Thread Is Literally Grasping At Straws

Morning Politicadoes!

As we all are probably aware, yesterday, the Politics Thread’s attention was diverted to the House Oversight Committee Testimony of Michael Cohen. Cohen, ex-personal lawyer to the President, having previously lied to the House Intelligence committee came forward to testify on the Trump White House. Unsurprisingly, he proceeded to rip into his former employer with the glee of one who’s knows how it has felt to be the fed to the wolves. He claimed that Trump was compromised, he showed the checks that Trump signed to hush the women he slept with, that Trump was probably working on the behalf of a foreign power, that the Trump family was compromised, he even made the connection between wikileaks, Roger Stone, and the President himself. Many of the crimes Cohen mentioned continued while Trump officially served as President.

And hey, that’d be enough for a congressional hearing right?

But then, Trump had his defenders. Those who grasp at straws. The Republican representatives on the House Oversight Committee saw fit to rake Cohen over the coals and *somehow* defend the President’s character.

“Liar! Crook! Burn the Witch!” went the chant.

Indeed, the strategy of Republicans appeared to be to impugn the reputation of the known crook and convicted liar Michael Cohen. Mark Meadows (R-TN) even went so far as to bring out a Trump appointee who happened to be African American, Lynne Patton, to prove that he wasn’t racist. When called out on this for being itself racist, Rep. Meadows turned various colors and claimed he wasn’t racist because he had family that was mixed race. Yeah. That’s how it works.


Pakistan and India are in the midst of a tense conflict that may lead to war.Pakistan has claimed it shot down two Indian controlled aircrafts over its territory and launched strikes into Indian-controlled territory. It should not go without saying that these two countries, whom have a tense history and border, both have access to nuclear weapons. The fate of the world may be in the hands of a Russian asset is all I’m saying

Still meanwhile!

President Bad President went to Vietnam for the first time (because his daddy got him out) to meet with Kim Jong Un, a brutal, ruthless dictator. While casually insulting veterans of the Vietnam war, Trump still offered enticing concessions to DPRK, asking that nuclear negotiators no longer demand full disclosure of nuclear and ballistic missile programs. North Korea, whom as  a result of last year’s talks, have not delayed any nuclear development, have presumably agreed.

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