Best Video Game Tournament – Millennial Years – Eliminations, Part Two

This is part two of the elimination round for the Millennial Years generation of video games, covering games roughly between 2000-05 including the PS2, GameCube, Xbox, Dreamcast and GBA.

Note that this is only half of the nominated games.

In this round, games have been arranged into groups of eight. You can vote for as many games in a group as you like. 

At the end of the round, the bottom four games in each group will be eliminated. In addition, to make the numbers work out, ten additional games will be eliminated, five in each part. These will be the lowest voted games remaining after the bottom four in each group are removed.

This is because you guys nominated so many games — taking everything that received at least two upvotes, there was more than double the 128 needed for the tournament.

To make the groups even, two games have been given a bye: Guitar Hero and Super Smash Bros. Melee.

This round will close 10pm Sunday EST.

From the previous round:

  • The most upvoted game was Half-Life 2, a good start for what may be the most formidable PC entry in a tournament so far.
  • The least upvoted game was Stick RPG.
  • To end with 128 entries total, in addition to eliminating the lowest four games in each group, I also needed to eliminate the bottom five voted games out of those remaining. These were Sonic Heroes, Zoo Tycoon, Burnout 3, Typing of the Dead, and No One Lives Forever: A Spy in HARM’s Way.
  • Star Wars: Rogue Squadron 2: Rogue Leader was the lowest voted game to make it past this round.