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The Friday Politics Thread Releases Its Report

Good morning everyone, and happy Friday!

As we wait for the Mueller report, which is due out between 1 and 562 weeks from now, we might as well wonder why our Avocado Report report hasn’t already lead to Trump’s impeachment.

We have been, for more than two years now, reporting on what a shitty president and criminal Trump has been. Who needs an investigation when everything impeachable about Trump has been screaming directly into our faces the whole time?

The car has been driven into the lake long ago, and the Mueller report is going to tell us that the car needs an oil change and had a leaky fuel line.

Yeah yeah, we need evidence, and dossiers, and reports, and *makes fart sound*. Come on. Just look at the guy. Look at him! It’s all right there eating a bucket of KFC!