To Boldy Sew: Star Trek Deep Space Nine S01E13: “The Storyteller”

To Boldly Sew is a recap of DS9 episodes, with a specific focus on the fashions of the many aliens and other characters that make up the series. Feel free to discuss matters of plot and general Star Trek things in the comments. 

I’m getting all these screenshots from, which is the same place as the original TNG fashion blog (

Sisko’s narration of his log informs us that the  Bajoran government is asking him to mediate a disagreement between two rival factions, the Paqu and the Navot. They’re apparently arguing about land.

Kira tells Sisko that the Paqu delegation has arrived, so they both head off to welcome them. Dax informs him that the Navot should arrive within the hour. (And that’s the last we see of Dax this whole episode, FYI)

Chief runs up, and Sisko is surprised to see him, as he thought Chief would be on Bajor already. Chief says they’re to leave at any moment, but he would like someone else to go instead of himself, although there’s no real reason for him to stay behind.

Bashir arrives at that moment and cheerfully asks if O’Brien is ready to leave, to which O’Brien glumly replies, “Yes, sir.” Bashir asks Sisko if the magistrate gave any indication on the nature of the medical emergency, and Sisko says no, only that his village was in danger of extinction.

O’Brien has no choice but to go along with Bashir as they head to the runabout. Bashir is excited that they will have a chance to get to know each other. O’Brien seems less excited.


Meanwhile, Sisko tells Kira to set up an informal meeting with each side that afternoon, to get them talking to one another. Kira says that getting them to sit at the same table will be an accomplishment. She says that on Bajor there is a saying: “The land and the people are one,” and the land the Paqu and the Navot occupy is some of the harshest on the planet.

Sisko is not concerned. He asks Kira to tell him what she knows about the Paqu Tetrarch, and Kira admits not much, as the Paqu avoid contact with outsiders.

The airlock opens and an old man comes out, then steps aside for a young woman. She identifies herself as Varis Sul, Tetrarch of the Paqu, surprising Sisko and Kira.



O’Brien and Bashir are on the runabout. There is an awkward silence.


Bashir asks Chief if he annoys him. Bashir points out they’ve barely spoken in the last two hours they’ve been alone in the runabout. O’Brien says he has been thinking…about some technobabble.

Bashir says Chief’s opinion means a lot to him and he has a nervous habit of running off the mouth and he hopes Chief doesn’t hold it against him.

“Not at all, sir,” Chief replies. Bashir says it’s not necessary to call him “sir” and he ought to just call him Julian. Chief is obviously reluctant, but agrees.

They achieve orbit and beam down to the planet. (Not sure why they don’t land, but whatever. Maybe there isn’t space?)

The arrive in a central area of the village, which kind of looks like a gazebo of sorts. Villagers are going about their business and noticing them, but no one approaches to talk to them.


I kind of like this open space. It looks like there are seats built into the stones behind them, so I imagine it’s used for gatherings, maybe plays or speeches or something like that, but it’s also fun to think of it as the beaming-in space.

Bashir takes out his tricorder and notes that there are no airborne pollutants, contaminants, infections, or contaminants in the groundwater.

A man approaches and identifies himself as Faren Kag, the village magistrate.


He’s wearing a pair of dark blue overalls and a shirt made from a carpet. It’s not a bad outfit. A bunch of villagers take note but don’t say anything.

Bashir introduces themselves. Faren Kag says he hopes they are not too late and runs off, leading them to a building. He asks a young man in orange overalls if there’s been any sign of improvement, but the young man says none.

They all head over to an old man who is lying on a bed in the middle of the room.


The old guy is also wearing a lot of orange colors.

Faren Kag pleads with Bashir to help him, so Bashir gets out his medical equipment. Bashir asks how many others are sick, but no one else is. O’Brien points out that they were told the whole village was in jeopardy. Faren Kag says that if the old man dies, they will all die.

Back on DS9, the feuding Bajorans are eating. A fat man compliments the Cardassian replicators on making pie.


His outfit appears to be quilted, or at least textured to look like a quilt. There’s some interesting colors going on, but the way the colors on the chest move, it seems to accentuate his stomach. The guy isn’t really that fat, I don’t think, but the clothing and his comments about food mean that they really want us to think of him as fat. I do like the collar on his over-shirt (jacket?) but I’m not a fan of the turtleneck underneath, because I am not a fan of turtlenecks in general.

Varis Sul is impatient, and says she did not come there to eat.

Sisko says to talk. The official negotiations will not start until later, but he thought it might be a good idea to meet informally and see where they all stand. He refers back to the treaty between them that has existed for 90 years. It says that the border separating the Paqu and the Navot shall forever be the river Glyrhond.

The fat man and the girl agree. Kira is pleased.

Sisko then says that apparently during the occupation the Cardassians diverted that river for use in their mining operations, so the Glyrhond flows 20km west of its former position. The fat man claims this is into Navot territory. The girl says it’s Paqu territory now.

Varis Sul says that the treaty is clear the land is now Paqu, but the man says the treaty does not say anything about stealing land. He also says that Varis Sul’s father would have agreed with him, which makes Varis Sul quite angry. She stands up, slams her hands on the table, and says her father would do no such thing, and anyway she’s the Tetrarch now and she won’t betray her people.

The fat man smiles smugly and crosses his arms over his chest with this smug expression.


I can’t blame her for being pissed at him.

Quark comes in with drinks at that moment and gives Varis Sul a bubble juice, and calls her a little lady. She’s supremely pissed at this, throws the drink in his face, and walks out.


Oh no, and that was Quark’s newer lighter-colored upholstery jacket!

Quark says he is still charging her for the drink.

Nog and Jake are watching the promenade. Jake wants to play ball. Nog finds it boring. He is throwing things down at the passers-by.


I liked these two alien women (I think) who were walking along together. Their shirts are kind of this weird crinkly texture, with two layers of colors.

Odo comes by and tells them they shouldn’t sit on the floor and dangle their legs over the edge. They reluctantly stand up, allowing us to get a good look at their clothes.


Jake is in Classic Jake Sisko jumpsuit, green on green. Not really flattering, but not terrible.

Nog opts for a bolder color pallet, with layers. Purple over blue over green, with olive pants. Nothing matches.

Odo thanks them and moves on. Once he’s gone, the boys sit back down.

Jake keeps trying to get Nog to play ball, but Nog is distracted by Varis Sul, who is in the process of storming out of the meeting. He says he’s never seen anything so beautiful. Jake is less impressed.


I assumed she was wearing a boring gray dress before, but now it looks more like a boring gray-blue top with boring gray pants. I’m not sure what Nog sees in her, to be honest, as she seems to be doing the opposite of what a young lady might do if she was trying to attract young men.

Nog is determined to meet Varis.

Back on Bajor, Bashir is standing over the old man. He sits up suddenly, talking about the Dal’Rok. Bashir and the young man in orange overalls help him to lie down again.


The old man’s shirt is a combination of patterns, all orange. His sleeves might be dark red? Not sure.

The old man calls for the young man, who he identifies as Hovath, and asks for the time. Two hours before nightfall. The old man says he should have been wakened. He asks Hovath to help him to get dressed.

Bashir says the old man is in no shape to go anywhere. The old man asks if the Prophets sent him. He examines Bashir’s hand, but says he is wrong and it must be his companion. He asks that O’Brien be brought to him, because Bashir is not the one he has been waiting for .

Chief comes over, confused, and the old man beckons him closer. He takes O’Brien’s hand for a moment and then says he knew the Prophets would not fail them. He then tells them all to leave, except Hovath. Bashir tells Hovath to keep the old man in bed.

O’Brien and Bashir go outside and marvel to one another that they haven’t the slightest clue what is going on.

Faren Kag comes over and asks how the Sirah is.


I’m not sure what’s going on with Faren Kag’s outfit. I thought it was a simple pair of dark blue overalls, but in this shot it seems like the straps have shiny layers on them also.

Bashir says he is suffering from systemic organ failure brought on by an accelerated rate of cellular decay; his body is surrendering to old age. He can keep him comfortable and relatively free of pain, but it’s just a matter of time.

Faren Kag is quite upset. “We need him!” he exclaims. “The Dal’Rok will be here soon!”

This explains nothing to O’Brien and Bashir, so the magistrate explains the Dal’Rok is a terrible creature that lives in the woods just north of the village. Every year it appears for 5 nights – this will be the fourth and only the Sirah is strong enough to defeat it. Bashir says that the Sirah is not strong enough to get out of bed. Faren Kag says the village will be destroyed that evening.

Nog and Jake are sneaking around the residential area looking for Varis Sul.

I’m basically including this screenshot because it looks like they are dancing.

They’ve apparently looked up her listing somewhere. They pause at the door, nervous, and argue over who will ring the bell for several minutes, beginning to physically grapple.

Believe it or not, they’re still not dancing.

The door opens and Varis asks what they are doing. Nog stumbles over his words, but Jake manages to introduce themselves. They both enter the quarters without being invited. Varis makes a note of Jake’s surname.

Jake has a seat on the couch and explains they are a welcoming committee. After a moment of nervous stammering, Nog follows. Varis introduces herself.

Jake asks if she’d like a tour of the station, and offers to show her a Klingon freighter leaving through the wormhole. Varis agrees; she’s never seen the wormhole. She leaves her quarters and the boys follow.

Back on Bajor, it’s getting dark.

This village has a kind of Mediterranean feel that’s echoed in the architecture.

Hovath and O’Brien help the Sirah down some stone steps to the center of the village, while Bashir tries to persuade him to return to bed. It’s getting dark. The Sirah says the doctor’s concern touches him, but he is now in the hands of the Prophets. He ascends another flight of steps, as villagers make encouraging pleas, like “we believe in you!” and “please help us!”

Hovath and the Sirah get to the top of the rocks. It is windy. O’Brien looks at his tricorder. The Sirah gestures for Hovath to depart. The crowd is anxious.


The Sirah reminds me of a Shakespearean actor here. He’s got his big flowing red and purple cape, and his shirt looks like a tunic with stripes. It even looks like he’s wearing leggings! Sadly, it’s too dark to get a clear view of most of his clothes.

O’Brien says he’s not registering any atmospheric disturbance, but it’s quite windy.

The Sirah says the Dal’Rok waits but they are ready. The crowd shouts. He says a few more things.

A bunch of clouds in the sky appear at random.


Bashir asks if it’s alive, but O’Brien is mystified, because the tricorder isn’t picking up anything. Bashir wonders if it’s a hologram, but O’Brien is not seeing a power source.

The Sirah keeps speaking. The villagers are agitated. There is lightning. The Sirah says that the village is much stronger than the Dal’Rok. The villagers shout encouragement.

Purplish light comes from the villagers, aiming toward the cloud of evil.

Not quite “Care Bear Stare!” but close.

The Sirah says they will drive the Dal’Rok…but then he collapses. The purple light dissipates.

A burst of light comes out of the cloud and hits a building.

I’m including this screenshot because I don’t think my words adequately describe what’s happening.

Rocks tumble to the ground. People are screaming and shouting. The cloud keeps attacking. O’Brien says, “bloody hell.”

Bashir is with the Sirah and Hovath, and he shouts for O’Brien to help get him down from the rocky outcrop he was on top of. The Sirah asks for his successor. Hovath speaks up, but Sirah wants the one whom the Prophets sent, O’Brien.

He gets to his feet. O’Brien is confused. The Sirah instructs O’Brien to repeat his words about the village being strong, loudly enough so that the village can hear him. O’Brien does so.


The purplish light starts to come out of the people again. They shout encouragement and agreement. The cloud gets smaller and smaller and then vanishes.


The Sirah instructs O’Brien to tell the village that the Dal’Rok is defeated and the village is safe. Then he collapses again. Bashir and Hovath catch him. Shortly afterward, O’Brien confirms he is dead.

Faren Kag stands up and tells the village that the Sirah has left them, but the Prophets have sent them his successor – O’Brien. The villagers are cheered. O’Brien is concerned.


Back on DS9, Quark is telling a story about selling a herd of Klingon targs to Morn, who raises a glass in appreciation. Kira enters the bar. She sits down and asks for a stardrifter, which is apparently a neon green concoction.

It looks like antifreeze to me. Ick. 

Quark asks how the negotiations are coming along and she asks for a double. Quark nods sympathetically and pours. It looks like his jacket was not horribly damaged by having a drink thrown on it. I assume it’s not the first time he’s had a drink thrown at him.


Varis Sul goes to speak with Sisko, who is in his office. He invites her to sit, but she declines, saying she has spent 5 hours sitting. Sisko agrees that they were long and unproductive hours.

She says that Woban is an obstinate fool, so I suppose Woban is the fat guy from the Navot. Sisko says Woban is there to talk. Why is she there? She says she is protecting the interests of her people.

Sisko asks if she is doing that by starting a war. She objects to his tone. He says that if she’d rather fight, then they’re wasting their time. She says the land belongs to the Paqu and the Navot should be ready to die for it if they disagree, as she is. Or doesn’t he believe her?

Sisko says he believes in people working together to find reasonable solutions. Varis says anything else he wants to say he can say the next day at a conference table. Sisko asks if she’s sure her people are as ready as she is to die over the land. She doesn’t answer, and leaves.

Nog and Jake are looking for Varis and arguing over the proper way to talk to her.

Again, I’m fascinated by the concept of boots that match the pants.

Jake has changed into his purple on purple jumpsuit with purple boots, which is not a great way to woo a woman. Nog has changed into a khaki and orange affair with orange pants tucked into orange boots, which may well be less successful than a purple jumpsuit.

Nog wants Jake to let him do the talking; Jake retorts that he has only answered the questions she asked. Nog says he saw her first, and she is his. Jake asks why he can barely say 2 words to her without getting tongue tied.

They come up the stairs and find Varis sitting on the floor, legs dangling over the promenade. She says she’s been busy.


She’s changed from a gray on gray affair into a not-horrible outfit. A patterned green dress (that might be leaves) with a matching headband and green leggings. I hope she’s not trying to impress the boys, because they’re not worth that effort.

Jake says she seems depressed. She that some people want something she has and she doesn’t want to give it.

How badly do they want it? Nog asks. Very badly. He then asks if there is anything they have that she wants. Varis considers. Nog says maybe this is an opportunity, not a problem.

Jake says he asks his dad when he has a problem he can’t figure out, and Nog says he also asks his dad. Varis asks if this help. Jake says yes; Nog admits no. Jake says his dad is a pretty smart guy. Nog says his dad is also, in his own way.

Varis says her parents are dead, killed by the Cardassians. Jake apologizes, and says his mom was killed by the Borg. He asks if she can talk to someone she trusts. She says she doesn’t trust many people. Nog asks if they can discuss something other than Jake’s dad.

Varis asks Jake if he admires his dad, and he says he trusts him.

Odo appears at that moment for his usual admonishment, so all three of them get up and leave.

On the planet, Bashir wonders what was controlling the energy creatures. O’Brien says it was not himself, and the Sirah must have made a mistake. Bashir says he’s glad O’Brien came along, because otherwise he would have left, and he would have missed all this. O’Brien sarcastically remarks he’s glad Julian is enjoying himself. Bashir says he has faith in him.

Bashir says that maybe he was sent by the Prophets. Ever practical, O’Brien says he was sent by Commander Sisko, and expresses his frustration that he hasn’t the slightest idea how to turn back the Dal’Rok, but everyone is counting on him. Meanwhile, a train of people is coming up to the door.

Faren Kag says there are gifts for O’Brien, who he calls Sirah. O’Brien tries to refuse them, but Bashir says to come on in and set them wherever. He points out to O’Brien that it would be impolite to refuse their hosts.

Old ladies bring flowers, and several young women are offered to provide services.


The one on the left is dark haired, wearing what looks like a plain green tank top and some kind of brownish skirt. The one in the middle has a fanciful hairdo with lots of braids, a red shrug (I think) and a corset-style belt thing over a loose-fitting purple dress. The one on the right has an even more fanciful hairdo, but her outfit doesn’t work for me. She gets points for the low-cut top, I suppose, but the bright blue shirt with purple over-shirt, plus bright pink dress? It just reads as 80s aerobics class to me. But hey, some people probably like that.

O’Brien stumbles over his words for a bit before explaining he has a wife and daughter, so Faren Kag sends them away. He then says that Chief must send for his wife and daughter so they can live with him. Chief says he’s not staying.

“Who will tell the story?” Faren Kag asks. Chief says he’ll have to find someone else. Faren Kag says there is no one else, and the Sirah chose him. Bashir kindly says he made a mistake. Faren Kag says the Dal’Rok will kill them all.

Chief says he would like to help but he doesn’t know how. Faren Kag says he has to tell the story. This does not console Chief in the slightest.

Chief says the only way out of the mess is to figure out what the Dal’Rok is and destroy it before it destroys them.

On DS9, Sisko’s log informs us that they’ve completed a second day of talks between the Paqu and the Navot, and they are no closer to a resolution.

Varis is in her quarters, looking at a screen, when Jake and Nog come by to ask if she wants to do something.


Varis is back to her plain gray outfit. Jake has upped the color game to a multi-colored outfit. Blue-green pants, green and neon-green top, over a blue-green collar. Who on earth thought that was a good idea. Can I blame Sisko? Maybe it was on sale? Maybe some well-meaning relative gave it to Jake and it was the only thing he had clean to wear that day?

Nog is at least somewhat sensible, with his red-orange poncho thing.

Varis says she can’t hang out at the moment. Jake says that they’ll stop by later.

Nog asks if they can do anything to cheer her up, but she says no.

Then she asks if they can discuss the opportunity they were talking about, and how can she be sure if an opportunity is worth the risk. Nog says instinct.

He quotes the Ninth Rule of Acquisition, which states that opportunity plus instinct equals profit. Varis thinks on this. Jake is skeptical that this will help, but Varis says it does help.

Nog has stolen one of his uncle’s security rods. He suggests stealing Odo’s bucket (temporarily).


Nog heads to Odo’s office and makes Jake and Varis wait elsewhere. Jake explains the reason for the bucket and how Odo is a shapeshifter.

Nog has gotten into the office and gestures for them to come in. He instructs Jake and Varis to watch the front door while he goes to get the bucket. A moment later he comes back with the bucket, but trips and spills the contents on Jake.


Jake is appalled, thinking they have injured Odo, but Nog explains it’s actually oatmeal. Jake throws the oatmeal back at Nog in anger, but a minute later they all find it hilarious and start laughing.

Until Odo returns to the office.

“I believe that belongs to me,” he says to Nog, who tosses the bucket at him and runs away, until he crashes into Sisko, who is not amused.

Back on the planet, Bashir and O’Brien are examining some rocks. They were damaged by the Dal’Rok’s attack earlier. They can’t figure out how the Dal’Rok damaged the rocks without having physical substance, but it’s clear they didn’t blow themselves up.

Neither of them know how the Sirah (and O’Brien) were able to stop the Dal’Rok, nor how to duplicate the experience. O’Brien thinks there must be a control mechanism.

A woman with a baby comes up and asks O’Brien/Sirah to bless her child.


The mom has a pair of long, blonde braids and her kid is wrapped in a purple blanket/onesie thing.

O’Brien is confused, but he sets his hand on the baby and says he’s sure she’ll make the mother quite proud. The woman is super happy and runs off, but is then followed by another crowd of people wanting to talk to O’Brien. He runs off to check the Sirah’s room, leaving Bashir with the crowd.

Hovath watches from a distance.


I’ll say this for Hovath – he’s committed to the color orange. Orange shirt, orange pants, mostly-orange sash-thing. If you’re going to go bold, then go bold. This dude does not half-ass it.

O’Brien studies the Sirah’s items, searching for some secret switch or something. He studies a large diamond thing and then a box. Hovath is outside the room. He starts to come in, and O’Brien says he wants some privacy. Hovath says he has gifts outside, and so O’Brien reluctantly tells him to bring them in.

Then he remembers that Hovath worked for the Sirah. Hovath says he was his apprentice. O’Brien asks if he revealed any of his secrets of how he controlled the Dal’Rok. Hovath says surely the Sirah taught him all he knew.

O’Brien, grumpy, gets sarcastic and say not to blame him when the monster rampages through the village. He goes over to look at something else, and then, in a mirror, sees Hovath coming toward him with a knife. He stops him from stabbing him, and they grapple for a bit.

Bashir, returning, sees this through the window and barges in to help separate the two. O’Brien shouts, “That’s enough!” and manages to push Hovath away and grab the knife. He asks him to explain why he tried to kill O’Brien.


Hovath says he is not the true Sirah. O’Brien says he will not argue that point. Bashir asks who is the true Sirah. Hovath says he is.

He says that for 9 years he studied with the Sirah, only to have O’Brien come along and take his place. O’Brien says he can have the job. Bashir asks why the Sirah chose O’Brien.

Hovath says it was the Sirah’s way of punishing him. 3 nights prior, the Sirah allowed him to tell the story, but he was unable to control the Dal’Rok, and several people were injured.

O’Brien wants details on the controlling part. Hovath shows them a small bracelet with a little stone in it and says it’s said to be a fragment of an Orb from the Celestial Temple.

Bashir says they know how powerful the orbs are.

Hovarth says that many years ago the village was deeply divided by hate and mistrust, and the first Sirah knew that unless he could unite the village, they’d destroy themselves. So he used the Orb fragment as a catalyst to give their fears a physical form. The villagers thoughts create the Dal’Rok, but they don’t know that. It’s a secret passed from Sirah to Sirah.

The story helps to focus their thoughts, which enables them to defeat the Dal’Rok by creating the shimmering lights. Hovath says he could control the Dal’Rok if he had another chance. O’Brien agrees and gives him the robe.

Faren Kag comes in and says that Hovath has no right to wear the robes and endanger the village again, and basically forces O’Brien to put them on.


Back on DS9, Varis says she takes responsibility for what happened in the security office. Sisko says that Jake should have known better. Varis says they were trying to impress her.

Sisko says this is not much of an excuse. Varis asks if he ever did anything foolish to impress a girl. Sisko admits he may have. Varis says they are both nice boys and they were good company. Sisko says she must not have much of a chance to be with people her own age.

Varis says she wanted to learn about Sisko from Jake, though, and Jake speaks quite highly of him and trusts him. Sisko says this is nice to hear. Varis says this reminded her of how much she misses her own parents, and she is trying to be a great leader and strong the way her father was.

Sisko says that from what he knows of her father, he was not afraid to compromise. Varis says this is because he knew the Navot feared him, and Woban would think she was weak if she made concession. Sisko says he doesn’t think that, but Woban is determined to get his land back. Varis says she’s not afraid of either of them.

Sisko says, “So your answer is still no?” and she says you don’t lose by saying no. Sisko says that a great leader is willing to risk saying yes. Varis considers this. She then says she knows of an opportunity to let both sides say yes.

Back on the planet, the crowd has gathered to watch O’Brien move out to the rocks. O’Brien asks Hovath why he didn’t fight for the job if he wants it so bad, but Hovath says he will not be able to control the Dal’Rok without the people’s support. O’Brien doesn’t think he will be able to, either. Hovath says he has to. Bashir says good luck.

The wind is picking up. O’Brien climbs to the top of the rocky outcrop.


The Official Robes – which look silly over a Starfleet uniform, by the way – are bright red with a sort of multi-colored trim. I think they’re a kind of silky fabric, but it’s hard to tell.

The people clamor for the story, and so he starts, saying “Once upon a time,” and then tells a story about how the Dal’Rok exists and wants to destroy them.

He’s not doing a really bad job of it, but he’s also failing, because the flashing lightning is increasing in intensity and the Dal’Rok is getting bigger. Hovath realizes something is wrong. Bashir tells him that what’s wrong is that O’Brien is not the Sirah, he is.

O’Brien is not succeeding in convincing the villagers that they are strong and able to defeat the Dal’Rok, even though that’s what he’s basically saying. They are still anxious. Bashir asks Hovath if he thinks maybe the Sirah planned all that. He knew O’Brien would fail, so he chose him as the successor so Hovath could rescue him. Hovath seems skeptical.

O’Brien is definitely failing now. The lights come out of the cloud and blast at the village, and hit the rock right near where he’s standing, knocking him over. The villagers panic and start screaming and running away.

Bashir climbs up to help O’Brien, and Hovath comes along. He turns to face the crowd and starts to assure them.


He does a much better job at uniting the crowd than O’Brien did, and they start to shout encouragement instead of confusion. They start emitting purple light and defeating the Dal’Rok. The cloud vanishes.

The village is in stunned silence for a moment.  Then Hovath says that they can see that the Dal’Rok is defeated and the village is safe for another year. Now they cheer him and rush to crowd him. Meanwhile, O’Brien and Bashir leave before they change their minds.

Back on DS9, Sisko asks Varis if she is nervous.


She is wearing her green outfit rather than her dull gray serious outfit.

She says no, then admits she is a little, and asks if he thinks Woban will accept her proposal. He says it’s possible as it will give them back their land, and Varis says free trade access to both sides of the river will mean a lot to her people.

Sisko says the compromise is reasonable.

Nog and Jake come by to wish her luck with the meeting.


Jake is wearing a brown jumpsuit, which I think is tied with the multi-colored green one for worst jumpsuit in his repertoire, and Nog has selected a purplish thing over a fitted green shirt.

Varis gives Nog a kiss on the cheek, which I’m going to attribute as being earned by his better fashion sense, and then she and Sisko go into the meeting. Odo comes by then and says that Nog and Jake are going to clean the security office until it shines.

Bashir and Chief come out of the airlock, with Bashir saying this will make a fantastic story to share. Chief disagrees. He’s done with storytelling, but Julian can feel free to tell it. Bashir says that Chief need not call him Julian. Chief says, “right you are, sir.”