The Blitzwing Night Thread (2/9)

Our tour of key Decepticons in Transformers history continues with Blitzwing.  He’s an airplane AND a tank! Specifically a MiG-25 and a Type 74 main battle tank.

Despite not appearing in many episodes outside of a cameo (though his battle skills get to shine in the movie), Blitzwing has a special place in a lot of fans’ hearts. In the post-movie future of 2005, the Decepticons are led by Galvatron, a rebuilt Megatron. They are now working for the Quintessons, the creators and masters of the Transformers. It’s then that Blitzwing uncovers the secret plot that the Quintessons weren’t on anyone’s side. Their master plan is to put both the Autobots and Decepticons into stasis to take over Cybertron for themselves.

After trying to tell Galvatron of the treachery and getting knocked down for his troubles, Blitzwing goes to the Autobots (under the leadership of Rodimus Prime) for help. Eventually the Decepticons find out that they have been deceived and turn on their creators. This does nothing for Blitzwing, though, who is banished from the Decepticon ranks for working with the Autobots.

Rodimus extends an offer to Blitzwing to join the Autobot ranks. He declines, though he does tell them he respects the Autobots. He doesn’t show up again in the cartoon. Some fans suspect though, that there’s a storyline later with fellow Triple Changer Octane that was originally meant for Blitzwing. For some reason Octane is chummy with the Autobots for no reason; he didn’t have the same history with the Autobots that Blitzwing had.

Either that or being a Triple Changer possessing modes of both an air and land vehicle makes you multi-faceted and more accepting of other dogmas. Does this make Sixshot —- the Transformer who has six alt modes —- the most tolerant and accepting of all Transformers?

Blitzwing has recently turned up in the movie Bumblebee. He’s there mostly to trick longtime fans into thinking that Starscream was in the movie and in his original form. Really… why is Blitzwing in red and gray? His colors have always been Minnesota Vikings purple an yellow. Also, Blitzwing doesn’t get to do a face turn in the movie, either. He is, in fact, the main reason Bumblebee talks like a pop-culture obsessed R2D2 these days. No friendship extended to the Autobots with this guy.