Shockwave Night Thread (12/29)

Strengths: cold, rational logic to run Cybertron for four million years while Megatron is stuck under a mountain on Earth; unfailing loyalty unlike that weasel Starscream; transforms into a dangerous megaweapon

Weaknesses: Dinobots; female Autobots; poor depth perception; poor motor skills due to one hand being a gun

Shockwave can currently be seen wearing his original 1980’s duds in a cameo appearance on the Bumblebee movie. It is a really fun movie with plenty of Easter eggs to the cartoon series, and I highly recommend it.

In the IDW comic series, Shockwave was a noble robot senator whose head got replaced by one free of all emotions as a punishment for his rebellion against an oppressive system.

FUN FACT: Hasbro had temporarily lost rights to the name, and “Shockwave” was for a short time named “Shockblast.”

FUN FACT 2: Shockwave’s alt form is usually a laser gun (and thanks to being a space gun gets to retain that form after Megatron’s more realistic version was retired), but has also transformed into a helicopter, a space tank, a spaceship, and a Mazda RX-8. He is alsO some sort of snake monster in the Bay-verse.

FUN FACT 3: Bob Budiansky, who conceived the backstory for a preexisting transforming toy gun, saw Shockwave as Spock, but a robot, and a Decepticon.