Star Trek: Discovery S2E3:Point of Light

So, last week I missed reviewing “New Eden,” an episode that resembled classic Trek more than anything we’ve yet seen, given the away mission to a theme planet with a secret — a plot staple of TOS and TNG. I’m still enjoying the show, and still think there’s a need for reviews of Discovery written by someone who didn’t go in determined to compare it negatively with Trek series past.

But I also don’t have time to write reviews that gives the series justice. Part of that is my taking on more freelance work; part of it is Thursdays being less conducive to writing than Sundays. So I’m going to bow out from these reviews. If anyone else wants to pick up the torch (or hit the torch with a tachyon pulse rerouted through the deflector shield, if you prefer), I’d love for the Avocado’s coverage of the series to continue. If not, I’ll try and keep posting threads to discuss each episode. Like this one! Talk amongst yourselves. Michelle Yeoh’s back, as are the Klingons, so I’m sure we’ll have lots to talk about.