2018 Snubby Awards: The Voting

Welcome to the 52nd Annual Snubby Awards — we’re like the Oscars, except we have a host and we’ll play all the Original Song nominees! And, of course, we recognize the films and performances the Academy unjustly ignored.

I may have influenced the voting just a teeeensy bit with this year’s addition to the header image, as Sorry To Bother You has 8 nominations, second only to Annihilation‘s 11, and Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse‘s 10. As usual, a lot of people of color were snubbed, as Black Panther, Crazy Rich Asians, If Beale Street Could Talk, and Widows have four nominations each. Shockingly, Spike Lee finally got the Best Picture and Best Director nominations he deserved 30 years ago, so BlackKklansman got only two, preventing Lee from winning his third statue of himself—he previously won Snubbies for Do the Right Thing (also Best Snubbed Picture), and Malcolm X, narrowly lost for 25th Hour to Spike Jonez, and was also nominated for Inside Man. The man has faced so many snubs that being a Knicks fan is only the second-biggest source of disappointment in his life.

See, we have jokes too! Who needs you, Billy Crystal! Anyway, on with the voting. As in previous years, upvote for as many films and performances as you feel are deserving, and the winners in each category will receive a gold statue of Spike Lee. (Please do not suggest more films! The time for that was last week.) Winners will be announced in this space next week!