Comic Book Review – Blossoms 666 #1

Blossoms 666 #1

Written by Cullen Bunn

Art by Laura Braga

Issue one opens on a typical day at Riverdale High. The buzz going around school is the Blossom’s big shindig. Betty and Veronica are deciding if they are going to attend. Dilton is getting bullied by Reggie until Cheryl Blossom diffuses the situation. As Reggie leaves, Cheryl tells Dilton he must start standing up for himself. Meanwhile, Jughead is pleading to Miss Grundy to give him more time to turn in his term paper. Jughead’s laptop crashed and his paper was on the device. Miss Grundy tells Jughead he is in danger of failing and having to report to summer school. Jason Blossom intercedes on Jughead’s behalf, telling Miss Grundy that he saw Jughead working on the paper earlier in the week. Miss Grundy gives Jughead until Monday to turn in his assignment.

As the Blossoms return home and finalize the food and drink for the party, they head to the basement and observe their parents participating in a blood sacrifice to the Dark One! It is prophesied that either Cheryl or Jason will consume the town of Riverdale with the darkness within them.

The night of the pool party, Archie and the gang are having a fun time and the Blossoms decide to play a little Truth or Dare. However, the questions are so off-putting that Betty leaves in a huff and the game ends abruptly. Jason is looking for Jughead and Archie tells him that Jughead is at home finishing his term paper. Cheryl asks Dilton to take a walk with her. She reiterates what they spoke about earlier about Dilton sticking up for himself and finding self-confidence. As they continue their walk and conversation, Cheryl leads Dilton to a tree in the woods. Reggie is tied to the tree with the area surrounded with candles and a pentagram. Cheryl gives Dilton a dagger. Will Dilton get his revenge on Reggie? To be continued…

Arche Horror has become a popular extension of the Archie Comics franchise. Afterlife with Archie and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina were immensely popular from the start, with Jughead: The Hunger and Vampironica introduced soon after. Blossoms 666 is the newest series in the horror line.

This issue starts off like any Archie comic until the twist in the middle of the story. One of the Blossom twins is the Anti-Christ but it’s too soon to tell if its Cheryl or Jason. When Jason vouched for Jughead, it was revealed that it was an outright lie. When Cheryl was trying to help Dilton, who would have thought it would have taken a dark turn like it did? Who will be the next one that falls to the evil ways of the Blossoms?

Cullen Bunn has a phenomenal track record with horror comics. He had hits with Dark Ark, Harrow County, and Bone Parish. I am intrigued by the mystery of which Blossom is eviler than the other. Like any good horror movie, this book will have a slow burn, twist and turns, red herrings, and a final reveal that will shock and make your jaw drop.

If you love horror with a splash of sugar, sugar- Blossoms 666 is right up your alley.

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