The 2018 Peely Awards for the Worst in Pop Culture, Round II

Friends, welcome to Round II of the Avocado 2018 Peely Awards, where we honor the worst in film, television, literature, music, games, and all other media of pop culture. Thanks to you, the readers and viewers, we have a whopping FORTY-FIVE categories – the largest selection we’ve done so far.

After Round I, where we put forth suggestions for categories, we’re now onto voting for which luminaries will actually win them. For every category, you can add a nominee – as many as you’d like – or just vote on every one you think deserves to win. At the end of the week, I’ll tally up the numbers to decide which works, artists, or events win (along with the top four runners-up). You can get an idea of how it works here, in last year’s version. Please join in; it’s fun, cathartic, and lets us get a glimpse at terrible works we otherwise might miss.

[spoiler title=’The Categories:’ style=’default’ collapse_link=’true’]

  1. Worst Blockbuster Movie (Palmer_Eldritch33)
  2. Least Prestigious Prestige TV Series (Captain Video)
  3. Thing You Most Regret Bothering to Finish (Captain Video)
  4. Series That Cratered The Hardest (Wes Lawson)
  5. They Tried Hard Award for Worst Return for the Effort Put In (Gougagna)
  6. Biggest Missed Opportunity (Captain Video)
  7. Most Egregious Cash Grab (Zero)
  8. Worst Line of Dialogue in a Terrible Work
  9. Worst Line of Dialogue in an Otherwise Good Work
  10. Worst Line Reading (DemiDeva)
  11. Worst Actor (Owen1120)
  12. The Tom Brokaw Memorial Award for an Artist’s Exposed History of Abuse Ruining Something in Retrospect (BannerThief)
  13. Worst Attempt at Emotional Manipulation (Shit-Master Slootfaas)
  14. 2018 Work You Believe Will Have Aged the Hardest by 2038 (Captain Video)
  15. Worst Attempt To Pander To A Certain Demographic (kevzero)
  16. Worst Corporate Double-Speak (kevzero)
  17. Worst Poster (BannerThief)
  18. Worst Trailer (kevzero)
  19. The Margaret Wente Memorial Award for Worst Thinkpiece (Merve)
  20. Worst Use of Popular Music in a Work (Owen1120)
  21. Worst Fan Behavior (Wolfman Jew)
  22. The 7/10 Award for Most Unremarkable Piece of Media (Merve)
  23. Worst Moment that’s Still Satisfying in a Lizard-Brain Kind of Way (Lovely Bones)
  24. Worst Movie You Liked Anyway (Owen1120)
  25. Worst “Joke” in a “Comedy” (Owen1120)
  26. Worst Moral (Shit-Master Slootfaas)
  27. Worst Pop Culture Merch (El Santo)
  28. Least Sexy Thing Intended to be Sexy (Ecksmuss Kookeez)
  29. Worst Thematic Treatment (Eric Pharand)
  30. Worst Depiction of a Minority (Shit-Master Slootfaas)
  31. The “She’s Actually 500 Years Old” Award for Most Flimsy Justification for Problematic Content (Dramus18)
  32. The J.K. Rowling Award for Most Unnecessary Rewriting of Backstory (Shit-Master Slootfaas)
  33. Most Obscure Disappointment (Captain Video)
  34. Single Most Infuriating Element of Ready Player One (Wolfman Jew)
  35. The Skyscrapers of DC Award for Worst Attempt at Geographic Obfuscation (Shit-Master Slootfaas)
  36. Worst Wardrobe / Hair / Makeup (Shit-Master Slootfaas)
  37. Worst Animation (Merve)
  38. Worst Title for an Eric Roberts Movie Released in 2018
  39. Least Dank Meme (Captain Video)
  40. Most Unjustified Arrogance (Merve)
  41. Worst Video Game of 2018
  42. Worst Television Series or Season of 2018
  43. Worst Album of 2018
  44. Worst Book of 2018
  45. Worst Film of 2018


Two small requests, though. Firstly, I’ll ask for you to also include unique and less prominent works along with the more memorable and obvious contenders. One of them many problems with awards like the Razzies is how aggressively they gravitate toward a single thing each year, casting out a wealth of targets deserving of mockery. The Avocado is much broader than that in interest and knowledge, and while a few deserving films in particular will be dominating this list, highlighting as wide array of trash as we can carries a great deal of merit.

The less serious request is that you vote for as many candidates as your like, even if you vote for multiple nominees for the same category. This process really is not to be taken with any sort of strict parameters; if you think both Sonic the Hedgehog and Gotti have terrible posters, vote for ’em both!