The 2017 Peely Awards for the Worst in Pop Culture, Round II


Welcome, friends to the 2017 Peely Awards, where we honor the stupidest, grossest, unintentionally silliest, and otherwise worst pop culture of 2017! Just as a reminder, this covers ALL of pop culture: television, books, music, video games, you name it.

For those of you who joined us in Round I, or are just coming in for the first time, here’s how it works. We have a Giant FORTY categories, voted on and chosen by YOU, the Avocado commentariat. For each category, you can add in a nominee, or just upvote the nominations you like the most! At the end of the week, we’ll do a final tally and decide on which films are our winners! Please join in, have fun, and go crazy.


  1. Best Worst Knockoff of a Pre-Existing Property or Work (Wolfman Jew)
  2. The Louis C.K. on Parks And Recreation Memorial Award For Ruining Something In Retrospect (Robert Maitland, Architect)
  3. Worst Character Name (Lovely Bones)
  4. Most Egregious Male Gaze (gwahir)
  5. Most Tone-Deaf Depiction of a Minority (Shit-Master Slūtface)
  6. Worst Poster (Lysiuj)
  7. Worst Trailer (Lysiuj)
  8. Worst Political Message in a Piece of Media (Merve)
  9. Most Shameless Form of Product Placement, Content Marketing, Branding, or Other Kind of Corporate Synergy (Wolfman Jew)
  10. Least Believable Academic / Scientist (Shit-Master Slūtface)
  11. Most On Its Face Corrupt Action Done in the Entertainment Industry (Wolfman Jew)
  12. Biggest Waste of Talent (Coolhand Fluke)
  13. Worst Single Image of a Work in 2017 (Lovely Bones)
  14. Worst Protagonist of 2017 (Wolfman Jew)
  15. Worst Antagonist of 2017 (Wolfman Jew)
  16. Worst Casting (kajigger desu)
  17. The “Just Why?” Award (SilentSpy)
  18. Worst Fan Behavior (Lysiuj)
  19. Poorest Exploitation of Nostalgia (Wolfman Jew)
  20. Worst Line of Dialogue in a Terrible Work (Wolfman Jew)
  21. Worst Line of Dialogue in an Otherwise Good Work (Wolfman Jew)
  22. Worst Song Cover (Welcome to Tiny Train World)
  23. Worst Monologue or Soliloquy (Shit-Master Slūtface)
  24. Most Infuriating Level, Boss Fight, Sequence, or Moment in a Video Game (Wolfman Jew)
  25. The Heroes Memorial Award for Series that Cratered the Hardest (Wes Lawson)
  26. Worst Career Decision (Wolfman Jew)
  27. Most Hilariously Wrongheaded Attempt at Gravitas (Wolfman Jew)
  28. Most Unnecessary Sequel (PRIVILEGED)
  29. Most Bone-Headed Plot Twist (Wolfman Jew)
  30. Worst Thing the Avocado Watched in Rabbit in Full This Year (Wolfman Jew)
  31. Worst Design for an Original Sonic the Hedgehog Character (DO NOT STEAL) Created This Year (Merve)
  32. Hottest Pop Cultural Take (QHarp! The Herald Angels Sing)
  33. Most Embarrassing Career Repositioning/Rebranding Attempt (Zero)
  34. Worst Hair Styling Choice (Shit-Master Slūtface)
  35. Worst Title for an Eric Roberts Movie Released in 2017 (Wolfman Jew)
  36. Worst Album of 2017
  37. Worst Book of 2017
  38. Worst Video Game of 2017
  39. Worst Television Series of 2017
  40. Worst Film of 2017


Note: Like last week, I’d like to request that you nominate unique kinds of bad works too, along with the more obvious targets. One of the many problems with groups like the Razzies is how quickly they gravitate to one thing. The Avocado is better than that, and certainly broader in its knowledge of just how much absolute trash is out there. If we can introduce each other to good material, we should do the same for the bad.

Also, please feel free to upvote more than one nominee in each category; that’s what I’ll be doing, and we’re not exactly demanding about keeping an exact tally. You think the trailers for The Snowman and Pottersville are both awful? Vote for ’em both!