The 2017 Peely Awards for the Worst in Pop Culture, Round I

We’ve been getting presents; now it’s time to get the coal. Welcome, friends to the 2017 Peely Awards, where we honor the nastiest, dumbest, laziest, and otherwise worst pop culture of 2017! Now, last year, this category was all about films. However, this year we’ll be expanding it into ALL of pop culture: television, books, music, video games, you name it.

Now, the process here is two-fold. In the First Round here, we’ll be voting on which categories we’ll be using. If you’ve got an idea for one you especially like, write a main post in the comments! The most upvoted ones will be used for Round Two next week. We had twenty-four categories last year, but we’ll likely have to expand, with all these new media we’re including. Here is the thread from last year, to give you an idea on how it works.

If I may only make a request and suggestion, it would be to suggest categories that are wide enough to include at least five potential nominees, and especially ones that can reference a wide variety of pop culture. One of the many problems with groups like the Razzies is how quickly they gravitate to one thing, propping it up for every category. The Avocado is better than that, and certainly broader in its knowledge of just how much absolute trash is out there. If we can introduce each other to good material, we should do the same for the bad.

With all that said, have fun and go crazy.