The Second Annual Pits: Categories

First, some background on the Pits:
The original categories thread
The original nominations thread
The winners

So here we are at phase 1 for the second year of awards. Right now, I am just looking for suggestions for categories. No nominations just yet.  I am gonna try to include as many categories as I can that people think are rewarding or add to the flavor of what we do here but we definitely are looking for the categories to stay positive. Please upvote ones you legitimately want to see as categories for awards. I’ve gotten the OK from MLA to include more user specific rewards, as you will see from some of the new options in the categories.

Also, past the categories, I need help in making this thing cooler than what I can do on my own. So if you have a video, song, gif, whatever you’d like to make and submit please feel free. Gooch did an Avocado City special for it last year. I cobbled together an “In Memoriam”. Stuff like that. If you want to contribute, feel free to let me know what you have in mind.

Timeline wise, I plan on leaving these category suggestions up for a week, doing nominations for a week, then posting the winners somewhere around Christmas. So if you are looking to help, that would be roughly your deadline.

The categories I plan on carrying over:

1 Best Discovery – Media you have discovered as a result of The Avocado – The Media and the Person
2 Best Avocado Meme
3 Best Comment – Funny
4 Best Comment – Serious
5 Favorite Thread That Doesn’t Reoccur Enough
6 Best username (Not poster, just name)
7 Best Avatar
8 Best Username/Avatar Synergy
9 Best one-off thread (i.e. not a weekly or daily thread)
10 Best life changing advice
11 Best Open Thread Header
12 Best Long-form Post

A few new ones I am planning on adding:

Best Comment – Comedy

Best Comment – Drama

Best Review – TV

Best Review – Movie

Best Review – Other

Best Artist/Album Spotlight

Kindest Commenter

Commenter You Like to See Upvotes From Most

The Holy Guacamole Lifetime Shitposting Achievement Award – Most active commenter

Finally, with a lot of people doing a lot of work to make this site what it is, I’d like to start something like an Avocado Hall of Fame. Thinking with an inaugural class of 10-12. We can sort out how that works mechanically or qualifications wise in the comments. But we aren’t gonna have a logjam at wide receiver.

As always, I want to hear you guys thoughts and suggestions for categories and appreciate anything you want to contribute. So…