The 2018 Peely Awards for the Worst in Pop Culture, Round I

Hello, all, and welcome back to our third dive into the Peely Awards, our annual, three part award ceremony in “honor” of the worst of, from, and by the year’s pop culture. This counts for media of every sort: movies, television, games, comics, music; it’s all on the table. We’re here for the dumbest, sleaziest, laziest, most demeaning and insulting and unpleasant, ideologically ugliest, and grossest things that came out of this year. And hoo boy, were there a lot. The “Worst Film of 2018,” our shining elite award, is already facing at least a six-way fight to the finish before we’ve even started.

For the uninitiated, here’s how this works. Round I here is just for categories; you, the voting public, can make up and vote on the actual awards themselves (here’s Round I from last year, if that helps). The ones with the most upvotes will be used in Round II, where we go on with the actual nominations. If there’s a category you think would be especially funny or interesting, seriously, just put it forward. All we ask is just that they generally try to be in the spirit of the Avocado, less mean spirited and looking at the totality of pop culture. There are definitely a few things that warrant (and are going to get a lot of) attention, but we want to learn about as many terrible things as we can. And categories that are broad enough for a number of different things are especially valuable – ones that can realistically have at least five nominees is ideal.

Three things to note. First, a few categories will be included regardless: Worst Film, Worst TV Show / Season, Worst Book, Worst Album, Worst Game, Worst Line of Dialogue in a Terrible Work, Worst Line of Dialogue in an Otherwise Good Work, and Worst Title for an Eric Roberts Movie Released in 2018. In addition, we will likely be including some categories that didn’t necessarily get many votes but are still fun enough to include. And most important, please vote for anything and everything you think is deserving, even if it’s competing against something else you’ve also already voted for. Seriously, you can vote for literally every single choice available; in fact, I wholeheartedly encourage voting for as many candidates and nominees as possible.