Sunday Food Thread Has a Cold, 12/23

What’s your go-to food/drink when you’re sick? There’s been a cold going around and a lot of people I know have been sick, I guess this weekend is my turn. As a child store bought chicken soup (the saltier the better) and crackers with cream cheese were the things my mother fed me when I was sick. I preferred the Mrs Grass type boxed soup with the vermicelli style noodles as opposed to the canned soup with the big soft noodles and with the sense of taste dulled the salt content couldn’t be high enough. Also tea with lemon or something like 7-Up (clear and sweet with bubbles) if my stomach was not well. These days I’m less single-minded, I’m grateful for any appetite I have while ill, so if something sounds appealing I’m going to go ahead and eat up.

Those of you with young ones, do you have a tried & true method for getting nourishment into your kids when they’re ill?