Werewolf 79: The War on Xmas Signups

“So we got a grande vanilla latte and a tall skinny latte with a shot of espresso. Will that be all? Okay,  that’ll be $9.48.

Thank you. Happy holidays!”

…Are they gone?

Close the door, Gwennifer.

Okay heathens, we’ve been making good strides in the war on Xmas, starting with the name change (thanks Dylan!), the bland red cups, and the non-denominational greetings.

But my sources tell me we’ve been compromised. Four members among this very staff are in cahoots with the Very Merry Nativity Committee. You’ve seen them about, breaking into carols when we wish them season’s greetings, replacing the missing children posters on our bulletin board with pictures of a white swaddled baby. I’m afraid to tell you their methods have grown a bit more…extreme. If we don’t attend to them soon, there will be a lot more empty seats at our Feast of Saturnalia.

I’m also told a disgruntled mall Santa has been going to great lengths to keep his job relevant. Keep an eye out for him.

Bring me those you suspect to be traitors to our cause. And work quickly: winter is coming.

13 regular employees (Vanilla Town)
1 Manager on Duty (Investigator)
1 Mall Security Guard (Jailer)
4 Committee Members (Vanilla Wolves)
1 Mall Santa (Serial Killer)

Game Rules:
All game days but the first will last no longer than 24 hours. Players who go a full day without making a game-related post will be mod-killed. The roled Town players will be able to “gift” their roles to another player one time each. If the intended recipient is NOT Vanilla Town, the gift fails, and they may not retry. Tied votes will be settled by RNG.

As usual, please attack arguments, not people, and be accommodating  to others’ playstyles. Remember the reason for the season: feasting, debauchery, and the reversal of master and slave.

(The first comment under this article should have a running tally of players as they sign up. Please sort by oldest to see it.)