So You Think You Can Think: Puzzle 13, “French for Beginners”

Other countries: They’re all around us. Many of them don’t speak English. It’s not their fault, they were born overseas! But how does one speak with them?

Like that dummy on the left in the picture up there. He’s tried to talk to his new friend. He’s used hand gestures. He’s even raised the volume of his voice and spoke regular English in his best French accent. And still, nothing but a pitying, judgmental pat on the knee. How are we supposed to cope?

Well, would it surprise you to learn that you already know how to speak French? That’s right, key French phrases and sayings are all deep within your well of native-tongue knowledge. You just haven’t been prompted to draw them up yet. Below you’ll find 13 prompts that suggest English phrases which may seem unusual. But when spoken aloud, they actually turn into well-known and appreciated words and phrases in 100% genuine French! (Or as the French call it: Fronsh.)

Can you get them all? Because if so, tray bein’!

  1. Lap dog access
  2. A little restaurant to cheer the matadors
  3. Driver Richard calls when golfing
  4. Arabic god did some landscaping
  5. Doughboy action
  6. The Giant wrestler was aware
  7. Under the carpet, a sandwich shop
  8. Common cereal grain: it’s a task for two
  9. Inactive annual county gathering
  10. Where the Beatles went, 1965
  11. Hepcat outfit’s appeal
  12. Wander about atop pottery stuff
  13. Like “anti” or “quasi”
  14. A quick farewell to lice
  15. What to do if your pussycat isn’t purring yet?

Last week’s solutions:

1. TL;DR Pepper
2. LOLd Yeller
4. LMFAO Schwarz
5. IIRC Cola
8. TTYL My Guitar Gently Weeps
10. J/K Rowling