To Boldy Sew: Star Trek Deep Space Nine S01E02: “Past Prologue”

I mentioned this last week, but since Netflix decided to list this as Episode 3, I’m recapping it as the third episode, even though everything else on the internet says this is Episode 2. So far as I can tell, chronology doesn’t matter at this point. 

I’m getting all these screenshots from, which is the same place as the original TNG fashion blog (

Bashir is drinking and reading at a table alone when he is approached by a Cardassian.

Well, hello there.

The Cardassian, not dressed in a uniform, introduces himself as Garak. He’s wearing a blue and blue-green striped shirt and a darker vest. I can’t say I hate the outfit.

Garak explains that he is the last Cardassian on the station.

Bashir does a lot of awkward stammering. He knows Garak has been on the station for a while. Offers him some tea. He says that some people say Garak remained on DS9 as spy. Garak pretends to be astonished. Bashir is clearly nervous and terrified and awkward.

Garak says he has a clothing shop nearby and would like to offer him some companionship. He’s just Garak, not Mr. Garak. He pats Bashir on the shoulders as he leaves, making him nearly jump out of his seat.

Oh god, he’s touching me. They didn’t cover this at the academy.

Bashir goes to Ops to tell everyone “the spy” sat down next to him in the replimat and is astonished, but doesn’t know what Garak might want with him. He suggests Chief places a monitoring device on him, but Sisko doesn’t think it’s necessary, tells Bashir to just be cautious. Clearly no one is as terrified as he is.

They’re all distracted that that point by a report from Kira of a small ship taking evasive action. They quickly realize that it’s a Bajoran ship, in Bajoran space, and it’s taking evasive action to avoid a Cardassian ship that is firing on it.

Sisko hails the Cardassian ship to try to tell them to stop or to explain themselves, but they ignore him. The Bajoran ship hails to ask for help. Chief beams out the Bajoran before his ship explodes.


The Bajoran is named Tahna Los and asks for political asylum. He recognizes Kira. It’s hard to really get a read on his outfit here, aside from vaguely leather(ish) jacket covered with dirt or dust or debris or whatnot, which is enough to show us that he is a traveler, probably one who’s gotten into some trouble.

Cue Theme.

Bashir takes Tahna Los off to the infirmary. Kira explains that he was a friend of hers in the underground.

The Cardassians finally hail and their captain, Gul Danar says that Tahna Los is a known criminal who has committed many atrocious acts against the Cardassians. And is Kohn-Ma, a known terrorist group that the Bajorans have disavowed, and so they are not likely to grant asylum. He demands that he be handed over to the Cardassians.

Sisko says he hasn’t yet made up his mind if he should grant asylum, but allows them to dock at the station. He tells O’Brien to keep the Cardassians delayed with multiple and complex docking regulations and goes with Kira to the infirmary.

As they walk, Sisko asks if she was part of the Kohn-Ma. They claimed responsibility for the death of a government minister on Bajor. Sisko tells Kira to get her loyalties straight and not support terrorists. Kira says that Bajor will need to repatriate the Kohn-Ma if they ever want to be free and independent, and they have an opportunity here.

Tahna Los is lying in the infirmary with what looks like a rather thin blanket covering him. They’ve removed his clothes. Bashir says that he has some recent second degree burns and lacerations, but some older scars that are 2-3 years old.

Sisko introduces himself and says he hasn’t decided to grant asylum or not, but wants to talk first. Tahna Los offers to answer questions. He is confused when Sisko addresses Kira as “Major”, and she explains that she is fighting for Bajor in her own way.


Sisko thinks he should do the interview alone, so Kira leaves. Sisko asks why the Cardassians were chasing Tahna, and Tahna says they have many reasons.

Sisko asks why continue the violence. Tahna admits he is not sure anymore. He says they are punishing the Cardassians for many crimes but he is tired of killing. Bashir comes in and says the patient needs to rest.

Kira calls up a female Starfleet admiral to complain. She says that she doesn’t think Sisko appreciates the situation. The Admiral says thanks for calling, and she’ll stay in touch with the situation.

The Admiral has mastered the mature woman look, with perfectly groomed silvery hair.


The very same admiral calls Sisko and says that Kira interrupted a staff meeting to tell him how she disapproves of his actions. So much for that plan!

Tahna wakes up wearing a yellowish-green jumpsuit that looks like it’s made out of soft cotton type material. Kira is there.

He says maybe she’d forgotten what it was like to be in the war. Tahna says that she has softened but she says no, and reveals she and Sisko don’t get along. “

Will he give me over to the Cardassians?” he asks. “Over my dead body,” she replies.


Meanwhile, Gul Danar arrives at Sisko’s office in typical Cardassian uniform to complain about the long docking procedures. In this screenshot we can see that the tire-like covering doesn’t go all the way down the sleeves or the torso. So maybe it’s not as uncomfortable as I originally though.

“THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!” — Every Cardassian ever.

Sisko apologizes and says it is because of the Cardassians causing damage when they left. Ooh, burn.

Danar accepts his apology but not his explanation, which is probably not a bad idea as it’s complete bullshit. What about Tahna, he asks. He says it will be a diplomatic insult to not return Tahna Los to the Cardassians.

Sisko says that Tahna has renounced the Kohn-Ma and wants to help Bajor, but Danar says that Tahna will only commit more acts of terrorism. Danar says that he should pay for his crimes of destruction and murder.

Sisko says that if he turns over Tahna that will also be bad (for Tahna), so he’s going to grant asylum for now and then return Tahna to Bajor and Danar can then take it up with Bajor. Danar is not satisfied, but he’s at least placated for the moment.

Tahna Los, still wearing greenish yellow outfit is brought by Kira to quarters for him. It is now clearly not a jumpsuit (sadness) but a shirt and pants. The shirt seems to be in a style mimicking the Bajoran uniform – slightly different colored sleeves and shoulders. Maybe it’s a cadet’s uniform or something, or maybe Bajorans are just really into that style of shirt.


Tahna doesn’t approve of Kira working with Starfleet. He doesn’t approve of the Provisional Government bringing in Starfleet. Kira mentions the wormhole and says that the Cardassians would return if the Federation was not there, and the wormhole will bring good things to Bajor.  Tahna does not seem interested in listening to her arguments and doesn’t think the wormhole is all that, and he wants Bajor for Bajorans. He also says he’s done with the Kohn-Ma.

Kira has been talking to the Provisional Government about amnesty for him and maybe future members of the Kohn-Ma and says she’ll work on this some more. He says he likes that plan and if there are assurances, some of the other Kohn-Ma members might follow him.

On promenade, two female Klingons object to surrendering their weapons, as is customary.


Ah, the classic Boob Window. I assume this is a safety feature, because the Klingons surely do not have their hearts located in their chests, near the boobs, and so there is no need to put armor there.

The security team calls in Odo. The Klingons identify themselves as Lursa and B’Etor of the house of Duras and say Klingons do not surrender their weapons. Odo says they have to or else they have to leave. They reluctantly agree.

Please note Banana Suit Guy in the background, doing his best to bring a little color to this scene.

There’s slightly more to note of the female Klingon outfit. They have these dark green sleeves in luscious velvety material. And also skirts which I’m sure have something practical underneath, so they can kick people effectively.

Once the weapons are handed over, Odo says “Welcome to DS9.”

Odo informs Sisko that the Duras Sisters have arrived. Sisko says that the sisters tried to grab control of the Klingon High Council, started a small civil war, and have not been seen since. Odo says that the Klingons list them as renegades. Sisko says they’ve heard they’ve been trying to raise capital to raise armies. Why are they on DS9?

Odo says they’ve been sitting at Quark’s but not gambling or eating. He suggests locking them up and letting the Klingons come to get them. Sisko notes there are no laws broken so they can’t just throw them in jail. Odo fondly comments that Cardassian rule was oppressive but simple. Sisko says to keep an eye on them. Odo agrees.

At Quark’s the sisters are drinking.

Garak is sitting in the corner. Bashir approaches and asks him how he is doing. Garak suggests he join him. Says he has a keen interest in what people are wearing. Klingons have an odd sense of style, he says. He also says that the Duras sisters’ outfits are worth studying closely. Clearly he has a death wish, as I’m sure they wouldn’t appreciate it if he studied them up close.

He also notes when Tahna Los arrives. When he does, the sisters get up.

Tahna has changed into an dark teal outfit. Odo is watching him. Odo has also noticed that the sisters have gotten up.

Odo isn’t being very subtle here.

Tahna Los and the Duras Sisters meet in what looks like a cargo hold. Crates, boxes, and a rat, which scurries past, unnoticed.

“squeak, squeak.”

Sisters ask him where their payment is. Tahna says it is on its way, but he couldn’t stop to get it, could barely get past the Cardassians. They are not concerned for his safety, only for his gold. He promises it will be there tomorrow. Sisters say he will have made a fatal mistake if they had to make the trip for nothing.

They leave. Tahna leaves a moment later. The rat becomes Odo. If you were surprised by that, I’m surprised. The camera lingered for a while on the rat, and as it did I was wondering why there would be rats on a space station. Came in with some of the cargo, maybe? Seems unlikely.

At Ops, Kira says she has arranged a hearing of the ministers court, and she has 2 ministers ready to vote in Tahna’s favor, and she’s sure one other will join. She also says that 2 other Kohn-Ma will join if Sisko guarantees their safety, so Sisko agrees to that. Kira says she appreciates his support. Sisko says to mention it when she talks to the Admiral and also that he should not go over his head again, or he’ll have her head on a platter. Ooh, burn.

Odo is waiting with news of the Duras sisters. He tells Sisko about the exchange he witnessed while disguised as a rat. Sisko realizes that two other members of the Kohn-Ma (the ones Kira mentioned) must be bringing the gold that Tahna promised the Sisters. Odo asks if they should tell her about it, and Sisko says not yet.

At Garak’s shop, the sisters arrive. He offers to show them some silk lingerie. They are not interested, and think he is insulting them. (Or maybe propositioning them?)

Klingons do not like Silk.

They are not there to buy, but to sell. He says he is only a merchant. They get frustrated and ask if he wants Tahna or not. He asks if they can deliver him to Cardassian authorities. What is he worth in gold pressed latinum? He looks at a pad, types out a number. They spit at him and walk out, insulted, but he calls them back. Everything is a negotiable, he says, and invites them to haggle.

Kira goes to see Tahna Los again. He’s wearing what I think is the same teal outfit he had on at Quark’s and wore to see the Duras Sisters. It’s a simple turtleneck with a wide belt that kind of (I think) mimics the belt of the Bajoran uniform.

I don’t have the uniform, but I still have the belt.

She reports she has the third minister’s vote and the hearing is a formality and he’ll get amnesty. He comments she is a good politician and good at manipulating both the ministers and Sisko to do what she wants, which shocks her and which he obviously means as an insult.

He says he thought she had lost the fire in her heart and she realizes that he knew she was there before he came, and that was part of the reason why he came to DS9. He says he is Kohn-Ma and he fights for freedom of Bajor. He mocks her for working with the Federation and with the Provisional Government. She tries to tell him again that the Federation’s presence is temporary until Bajor is more stable but he cuts her off. He seems to cut her off a lot; she barely finishes a sentence when they’re together, and isn’t interested in listening to her point of view at all.

He tells her the violence is over and no one will get hurt but he needs her help. He says they need a ship with warp ability, and he says that he can accomplish everything Bajor needs. She says “how do you know I won’t just go to Sisko with this” and he says “if you do we’ll know where your loyalties are.” He’s clearly an expert at manipulating her.

Bashir is drinking again, and Garak comes by and says that he is being observant and concerned. He says he is concerned that the Kohn-Ma are on board, and points to Tahna talking with them. Bashir is alarmed. Garak is not sure why they are there and thinks they (Bashir and he) can find out together.

Bashir feels he’s in over his head and tries to leave. Garak says Bashir should visit his clothing shop at exactly 20:55 hours tonight so Garak can show him a suit that will make him a new man. Bashir is confused. Garak repeats his statement that he should buy a new suit at 20:55. Bashir agrees, and excuses himself. He’s clearly not getting it.

Yep. New suit. 20:55. Perfect time to buy a suit. Especially for a man who wears a uniform 99.9% of the time.

Kira is reading Kohn-Ma files, trying to figure out what Tahna Los is planning.

Sisko tells Kira he’d like to meet the two Kohn-Ma who just arrived ASAP, and can she arrange it? She agrees. How do they seem? Does she feel as secure about them as she does about Tahna Los? She says yes, absolutely.


Bashir approaches Sisko and asks for guidance about Garak. He’s afraid the “relationship” has gotten a little out of hand. He tells Sisko about Garak’s insistence that he buy a suit at 20:55 exactly and that it has something to do with the Kohn-Ma on board.

He doesn’t understand why Garak wants Bashir involved. Sisko explains that sometimes communications can’t go through official channels and maybe this is a way of telling them they have a common enemy. Bashir asks what he should do. Sisko says he could definitely use a new suit.


Kira goes to see Odo. She asks if all security measures are in place for trip to minister’s court. He says yes. She clearly wants to talk about something else, but can’t bring herself to say it. She decides to leave.

Odo says he can’t imitate humanoid’s ability for pretense. She says this is why she’s learned to respect his opinion. She sits and asks him what he knows about her and that she’s done things she’s not proud of and has nightmares about raids, but she was sure about what she was doing. Odo says something you’re not sure of now. She says maybe there are wars to be fought and maybe she’s making a fool of herself. Odo says it sounds like she’s trying to talk herself in or out of something.

Kira: “either way I betray someone.”

Odo: “The important thing is not to betray yourself.”

Kira wonders how she could turn against her own people. Odo asks if they are her own people? Kira says that they’re no different than how she used to be. She could refuse to help them and ignore everything.

Odo talks about an ostrich that sticks its head underwater sometimes to hide until it drowns. Kira gets the moral. They’d do what they want to do anyway and she’d feel responsible for the consequences. Odo calls Sisko and says someone wants to talk to him.


Faced with the overwhelming evidence from several people that he needs a suit, Bashir goes to buy a suit that evening. He doesn’t get there until 20:57 (two minutes late!) and Garak is astonished. He throws a jacket into his arms and shoves Bashir into a dressing room, where Bashir thinks about the jacket.

Hmm. Maybe he’s right. Maybe I could use a jacket. Would Dax be impressed?

It looks like a normal jacket! But maybe if he put it on we’d realize it was actually quite weird.

The Duras sisters arrive. Garak says they will get the agreed upon payment upon delivery. They say they will complete their business with Tahna in 4 hours. He asks about this business, and they say it is not his concern. He says if they will need to take extra precautions for safety, that is his concern.

The Sisters explain that they will give Tahna a cylinder of billitrium on the dark side of Bajor VIII’s lower moon. After that the Cardassians can have him. They then leave.

Garak lets Bashir out of the dressing room. and explains that Billitruim is a rare crystalline element that is safe as energy source but can be used as a bomb, if you have an antimatter converter. The Cardassians were chasing Tahna Los for this because he stole an antimatter converter and now he has ingredients for a bomb with significant destructive capability.

Sisko, Odo, O’Brien, and Bashir discuss the situation. They can’t arrest the sisters or Tahna or the other Kohn-Ma members because they don’t have any proof of what they’re trying to do with the items. They also don’t know where they plan to detonate the bomb. O’Brien says that once Tahna has bought what he wants from the Duras Sisters they’ll have enough evidence to make an arrest because they’ll have the components to a bomb.

Kira says they have to give him the runabout and she has to go along so that Tahna thinks she’s with him and trustworthy – if she doesn’t go, he won’t trust her, and will suspect the whole thing is a setup. Sisko and O’Brien will take a runabout around the second moon of Bajor VIII to avoid detection. He tells Dax to stay in touch on a secured channel and keep an eye on the Cardassians who will be waiting also.

Odo watches as Kira and Tahna get on the runabout.

She clearly knows where the security cameras are.

Sisko and O’Brien, on another runabout near the moon, shut down all power systems to avoid detection.


Kira and Tahna are approaching. Tahna is doing something, setting up an antimatter converter to transfer power from the ship’s warp drive into the storage cells.

The Duras Sisters are here, their ship de-cloaking nearby. Kira plays dumb and asks why but Tahna doesn’t explain, just says, “soon.” The sisters beam aboard.

He hands over 13kg of gold pressed latinum and they give him something else, then leave. Kira asks what it is, he says “Bajoran independence.”

It looks like a tube of something, but okay.

I always pictured terrorists wearing something more threatening than blue sweaters.

Sisko tells O’Brien to intercept Kira and Tahna’s runabout.

Dax reports that the Cardassian ship Aldara is entering Bajoran space in 29 seconds.

O’Brien reports that the runabout should be detecting them. Kira tells Tahna that the runabout is nearby and the Cardassian ship is 3 minutes away and the Duras sisters must have sold them out. (Which they did.)

Tahna says to engage warp. Kira says there’s no where to run. She stands up, and he punches her, then tells her to set course for DS9, and if she doesn’t, he’ll explode the bomb and destroy all 6 colonies on Bajor VIII. Kira asks if he’d kill thousands of his own people for this, and he asks if she’d kill them, because clearly this is her fault. Nice deflecting, dude. This is why he’s a master manipulator – he knows how to push her buttons.

They stare each other down. She agrees.

O’Brien and Sisko follow, and hail Tahna to say they’ll open fire. Tahna says to back off or they’ll explode the bomb. O’Brien says if the bomb goes off at warm they’ll spread radiation across the system. Sisko realizes they’re heading toward the station.

He hails Danar and tells them there is a bomb on the runabout; they probably won’t meet in time. Danar is too far away to intercept faster than Sisko.

“I told you he was no good!”

Danar starts to gloat but Sisko hangs up on him.

As they approach, Tahna tells Kira to veer toward the wormhole. He wants to collapse the wormhole entrance, thus making Bajor less interesting to the Federation or Cardassians or anyone else. He orders her to drop out of warp. Kira slams some buttons, making the ship turn sharply, and they both fall over.

O’Brien realizes they are heading toward the wormhole.

Inside, the wormhole, Kira and Tahna are fighting hand-to-hand. They emerge on the other side of the wormhole, still fighting. Tahna manages to release the bomb. It explodes in space, but they’re on the other side of the wormhole, far from Bajor or the station, and it doesn’t do any damage.

A moment later, O’Brien and Sisko’s ship appears. Sisko hails and tells Tahna to surrender now to him (and Bajor) or wait a few minutes for the Cardassians – which does he want. Tahna suffered enough under the Cardassians. He hands the phaser he’s holding to Kira.

Back on DS9, Odo immediately takes Tahna in handcuffs.

Kira tries to explain herself to Tahna (again) but he calls her a traitor.