The W-Files Day Two

A van circled the neighborhood and stopped in front of one house. It stopped and the Doctor hopped out and said his goodbyes to his companions. He adjusted his slightly skewed hat and popped a jelly baby into his mouth as he walked to his front door. He enjoyed his jelly babies so much. Unfortunately these would be his last jelly babies as he failed to hear another vehicle pull up and people rush out to grab him and stuff him into their trunk. The Doctor wouldn’t be seen again. The Doctor/St. Nick is dead. He was a Paranoid Watcher

Meanwhile Will Graham was staring intently at the names of his fellow agents. He mused on the case in front of him, his mind occasionally wandering back to his other case involving a certain doctor of an entirely different sort. A shot rang out from outside and he felt the impact of the bullet. He knew it wasn’t Lecter, but then… who? Will Graham/LouieBlue is dead. He was Vanilla Town

20 17 players
The Syndicate (4 wolves) – One nightkill as a group each night
The Cigarette Smoking Man – Impervious to nightkills, will read as town when investigated, undoubtedly the most cunning individual you agents will attempt to apprehend.
1 Role blocker – blocks a player from using their powers but not from harm
1 Role investigator – can discover is a player has a power or not
1 vanilla wolf

1 Alien Bounty Hunter (serial killer) – One nightkill. If targeted for investigation they will have the ability to appear as another player.

15 12 Town:
1 Jailkeeper – protects one player each night, player will also be unable to use any power they may have.
The Lone Gunmen – A group of 3 2 Paranoid Watchers that will collaborate in their own QT. Each night they’ll choose a player and see all actions performed by that player but will not learn their role
1 Three-shot vigilante – Will have three nightkills, to be used on separate nights as they see fit.
10 town
One investigation power: This is a shared power among all players, each night one of the pairings is going to be given the ability to investigate another player. They will discuss with each other and then submit a name of a player and find out if they are town or not-town.

Game Rules
• Make a minimum of three game related posts each day!
• Attack arguments, not people and accommodate different playing styles
• Don’t edit/delete your posts or quote/screenshot directly from your QT!! Doing so may result in you being modkilled and eliminated from the game.
• A tie at Twilight will result in an RNG death from the players who tied.
• All votes go in the vote thread (sort the thread by oldest to find it).

1. forget_it_jake/Queequeg
2. MrsLangdonAlger/Samantha
3. The Hayes Code/Agent Mothman
4. Hohopossum/Kolchak
5. Lovely Bones/Max Fenigan
6. Dr. Nick/The DoctorParanoid Watcher
7. Spiny Creature/The Chief
8. Goat/Chupacabra
9. Lindsay🎄DisasterLesbian/Peridot
10. Grumporo/Margaret
11. Lamb Dance/Alex Trebek
12. LouieBlueVanilla Town
13. HolsGG/Agent GG
14. Sister Jude/Sister Lily Tomlin
15. April LKD/Tim Horton
16. Candide/CandideVanilla Town
17. dw/Road Warrior
18. sic humor/Penn & Teller
19. Zecko/Agent Zecko
20. Mr.ImMyOwnGrandfather/Mr.ImMyOwnConspiracyNut

1. Annanomally in Whoville
2. the good king snugglewumps

Previous Days
Day One

Day 2 will end at 4 PM EST on Friday December 7