The Thursday Politics Thread Is Well Behaved in Bereavement

Pictured: Melanie Trump smiling like she never has before at her own husband, the President.

Morning Politocadoes!

Yaaaaayyyy!!!!!!!!!!! He didn’t shit himself in the pew or knock over the casket! He’s Presidential! He deserves a cookie!

Nah fam, when even George W. Bush gets another shot at being truly Presidential and giving a beautiful farewell to his father, another President, you ain’t the President. Diaper Baby Trump who occupies the Oval Office sat with the other surviving  Ex-Presidents and their families, shaking hands with Obama and the Bushes. I’m not sure if poor sweet Jimmy Carter really cared if he was slighted. But then, Carter’s probably a more kind and generous soul than me, so maybe he would’ve cared? In any event, Trump sat there ams crossed, rocking back and forth, like an extremely bored child forced to go to a funeral for some guy he didn’t know.

Does anyone know if he even acknowledged Jeb!?

Bush funeral: Trump sits with fellow presidents but still stands alone

Yes, it was a banner day for Washington, a city so in love with pageantry and appearances that it could just eat Moments like these up like ice cream and call it “Collegiality”. What strikes me about Trump at the funeral, beyond his normal weirdness, is his fundamental inability to do something even this basic. He can’t just be at a funeral and look solemn.Honoring a former President is probably one of the easiest Presidential things you can do, even if you didn’t agree with them or think they were all that great at the job. And yet, we must damn him with the faintest of praise because ‘Thank God! He didn’t go up on stage, grab the mic and yell ‘Baba Booie! Howard Stern’s Penis! Baba Booie!’

Eh, I’m sure he has other things on his mind. The emoluments lawsuit has probably moved to the forefront of his mind since it was allowed to move forward. WaPo recently published another piece on Saudi lobbyists renting out blocks of rooms at Trump’s DC hotel.

Saudi-funded lobbyist paid for 500 rooms at Trump’s hotel after 2016 election

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