Art of INFRA Night Thread

INFRA is a puzzle game about infrastructure – the systems and utilities that underpin a population center. More specifically, it’s about how we fail those systems, and how they fail us in return. Built inside the Source Engine – home to all-time greats like Half-Life 2 and Portal – INFRA puts you in the shoes of a structural engineer surveying a dying steel town. The bulk of the gameplay is simply walking through deserted facilities, trying to figure out how to bring a hydroelectric dam or a water treatment facility back online.

It gets pretty dour at times, but an unexpected highlight is the great volume of visual treats scattered around. Little details like forgotten junk, system error messages and ads for Osmo Olut, The World’s Strongest Beer go a long way toward making the game feel lived in. Here, without further commentary, are some of the things you can encounter in INFRA.