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Sports Corner – December 5, 2018

It’s a given that if you coach or manage a team, you will probably get fired sooner or later.  The revolving door of sports spins, and spins fast much of the time.  Four NHL coaches have been fired this season.  Fred Hoiberg was shown the door by the Bulls on Monday.  And Mike McCarthy, who managed to hang on for 12 seasons, finally wore out his welcome in Green Bay.  It’s a rare individual who gets to leave on his own terms.

I am not sure Urban Meyer, his credibility damaged by scandal and his health in question, would say he left Ohio State on his own terms, even if he wasn’t fired.  A better example of a coach who was lucky enough to retire when he wanted to is Bill Snyder.  Snyder announced his retirement as Kansas State’s football coach, after two very successful runs there (he left in 2005, and returned in 2009). Snyder took one of the worst college football programs and made it a perennial winner with (by present day standards, at least) minimal scandal.  I wish Snyder well in his twilight years.  (I also wish Meyer good health, even if I have very little respect for him).

As ever, all topics are welcome, including the big trades by the Mariners to NL East teams, the handling or mishandling once more of domestic abuse by the NFL, the return of Steph Curry, and the overdue hiring of a new coach for the USMNT.