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The Thursday Politics Thread Eyes The Football

Morning Politocadoes!

Well, with a Guy Trump Found At The Bus Stop currently the acting Attorney General it was only a matter of time before Congress took action. Yes, Feckless Mimbo and Lame Duck Senator Jeff Flake showed some spine yesterday and put forward a motion to protect the Mueller Investigation. Naturally, he wouldn’t find any objections right? Like, there’s a patently unqualified and improperly appointed Dude Trump Knows as the head of the Department of Justice. Who would vote against at this point? Surely not someone who, just the other day, wrote an op-ed on the importance of bipartisanship?

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Nevertheless, Human Jellyfish Jeff Flake somehow continued to have a spine yesterday. When his proposal was defeated, he then threatened to block all judicial nominees. Since Flake is on the Senate Judiciary Committee and is the ‘swing’ vote, he has real power here.

And now we see Jeff and the football come into focus.

This isn’t the first time that Jeff Flake has found himself in this position. The fact of the matter is he could’ve done this any time and he is time after time ultimately chosen not to. The cynic in me says that Frosted Flakes is gonna do what he do, make a lot of noise, make everything all about him and then ultimately kowtow to the party. And yet….

And yet we have to grasp whatever straws we have at hand. Look, it’s frankly stunning that the Senate GOP is just gonna let Some Guy Trump Found At The Bus Stop Outside Union Station run the DOJ and blatantly obstruct justice. I’ve been waiting for the GOP to find some semblance of conscience and I have been continuously let down. Maybe, just maybe, this is where the line will be drawn. And so we go all in on that football, thinking maybe just maybe Lucy won’t pull it back this time.

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