Best Video Game – 16 Bit Years – Semifinals

This is the semifinals for the 16-bit years of video games, covering games roughly between 90-94 including the SNES and Genesis.

Please vote for one game in each pairing. The top voted game in each pair will advance to the finals.

Now, let’s consider our final four…

Super Mario World

  • Introduced Yoshi, everyone’s favorite big-eating, disposable many-colored dinosaur pal
  • Gave Mario the Cape power-up which I could never really get the hang of, personally
  • The first time players could end up going around and around in pointless circles in a Ghost House
  • Many secret exits to give the game replayability

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

  • Enormous world compared to previous games
  • Link turns into an adorable pink bunny
  • The Dark World dungeon theme is one of the best Zelda tunes ever
  • Introduced the fire rod, the Zelda powerup that lets me burn, burn everything, BURN IT ALL

Chrono Trigger

  • The best video game soundtrack of all time, OF ALL TIME. (Fight me!)
  • One of the most tightly paced JRPGs ever
  • Allows you to get your ass completely kicked by the final boss at any time
  • Contains your daily recommended dose of confusing time travel paradoxes

Super Metroid

  • Stars Samus Aran, the most hardworking woman in video games
  • Packs a surprising amount of environmental atmosphere into an SNES game
  • Introduces Super Missiles, which gives you a brand new type of missile to run out of at a bad moment
  • Effectively helped give birth to the current hottest genre of indie games