The Thursday Politics Thread Commits TREASON Skeptical Question Mark?

Morning Politocadoes!

Well, Infrastructure Week’s been a rip-roaring success so far.

Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings have been marked by protests (which Trump now says should be illegal. Fun!) and abuses of the process by the majority party. Congressional leaders have only seen a tenth of Kavanaugh’s actual body of work, questions and objections are being frequently overruled by Chairman Chuck Grassley, and requests for delays have been ignored with rank contemptuouseness. Senator Patrick Leahy, outlined in his questioning, a scandal involving stolen Senate e-mails during the Bush Administration involving the nominee, that Kavanaugh could, hilariously, not explain. Sadly, his inability to answer questions as to his own good character and judgment are not bugs, but features in any Trump nominee.

Meanwhile, Bob Woodward’s book is set to come out next week and Trump’s furious. At least part of the day was spent with his staff attempting to put water on any of the allegations made in the leaked excepts. Allegations such as calling Jeffuhson Beauregahd Sessions deh Thoid a “retard” and uh *checks notes* “Dumb Southerner”. Things he would never say. But of course, the President has been seen on tape repeatedly using such slurs, per the Daily Beast.

Finally, we get to giphy (1).gif

Yes, that.

In reaction to a New York Times Op-Ed piece, or perhaps a rare moment of lucidity and self-awareness, Trump tweeted out TREASON? in all caps. The Op-Ed claimed to have come from a senior official in the Administration who explained that not only has the Cabinet fought off Trump’s worst, most impulsive decisions, discussions regarding the 25th Amendment have been happening since the very beginning of the Administration. Needless to say, the Toddler-in-Chief has been in meltdown mode ever since.

So it’s going to be an interesting run into the weekend, friend-os. Likely more shoes to drop. Trump will probably go tear up some sod at his fucking golf course, maybe fire DNI Coates or something. I want to believe that the Kavanaugh revelations will be enough to stay a nomination, but I’m not betting on it, not since we entered the Bad Place. It’s like listening to Puddle of Mudd “She Hates Me” and “Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer” at the same time. On a loop. Forever. That’s our lot right now.

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