Night Thread of Cool Moon Facts!

Why the moon? Maybe it’s because I’m a wolf in the werewolf game I’m playing in at the time of writing. (Note, this is August Spooky speaking.) Maybe it’s because it’s the first day of my junior year and I’m feeling pretty melancholy. Maybe it’s because the random noun generator I used to think of a topic for this thread said “moon”. Who knows?

  • The dark side of the moon is really ugly. Good thing we’ll never see it from Earth.
    • It does have one benefit, though– since it’s so isolated from Earth and its transmissions, it’s been proposed as a location for radio telescopes.
    • Also, it’s full of helium.
oh gross.gif
lmaooo you ugly
  • The words “moon” and “month” come from the same Proto-Indo-European root. This is because months are the unit of time we used to measure with the moon!
  • The moon’s core is about 190 miles thick, which would take you a bit more than 3 hours to drive across (if you had a car that wouldn’t melt as soon as it hit the core).
  • The craters and things on the moon are called “maria” because people used to think they were seas filled with water.
  • Joke’s on them, because liquid water can’t stand up to the solar radiation on the moon. It decomposes pretty quickly.
  • People used to believe the moon had power over the water in your brain (like it has over the water in the ocean), and thus could drive a person insane. They would avoid stepping outside during a full moon for fear of going mad.
    • This is thought to be one of the reasons why werewolves would turn into wolves under the full moon.
  • Spacesuits worn on the Earth weigh 180 pounds, while on the moon they weigh only 30 pounds!

Have a lovely night thread, folks.