The Thursday Politics Thread Gets Even Worse

Morning Politocadoes!

Well, just when you think that the US government can’t possibly get more racist against Hispanics something like this happens. The US Passport Agency has begun DENYING US Passports to US citizens of Hispanic descent along the southern border, stating that they do not believe these people were born in the US. It is also now using their passport applications to place them in immigration deterntion centers and deport them.

To where, Cleveland?!

While it’s more accurate to say that these denials began under Bush and continued under Obama, they have begun to surge under Trump. See, these sorts of denials are meant to root out cases where a midwife claims that a child born in Mexico was born in Texas. While there are indeed some cases of fraud, the occurrence is wildly overstated; mostly due to the flames of paranoia fanned by a certain would-be president during the Obama years.The reality is that documents of live birth issued by state, city, or county agencies were decidedly sketchier in earlier years and have developed over time. Ambguity only increases the further you go back. People have lived their whole lives using nothing but their baptismal to get their IDs. The difference here is who these people being targeted are and where they happen to live. This would not be happening to white people, anywhere in this country. Full stop.

After everything that happened and is still happening with the children locked in cages and separated from their families, this administration found some way to be even worse. It’s simply stunning.

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