1968 Snubbies: The Voting

So, big Snubby news. First of all, while I had planned on 1968 being our final year, the show must go on after all. The elusive @Mr. Greene will be taking over, bearing you ceaselessly into the past through the Hayes Code era and beyond.

But I shall not be idle, as next month the Avocado will debut the Tubbies, recognizing the best television overlooked by the Emmys. We’ll start a week before this year’s Emmys (9/17), and then work our way back through the years. I’m thinking Thursdays, so as not to conflict with the Snubbies, and limiting the categories to Outstanding Drama and Comedy, and lead and supporting actor and actress in each. That’s already more categories than we have for film, and I don’t want this to be too much work. And I’m not sure anyone’s going to know TV movies or limited series (if they even exist) once we go back a few years. But I’m open to suggestions, and will leave a thread for such below.

But first the Summer of Love! And the Rest Of The Year Of Love! As always, upvote as many of our nominees as you feel are deserving, but do not suggest more films, the time for that has passed. Top vote-getters will receive a gold statue of Spike Lee.