Job Rants Thread – 8/24/2018 – Apocaversary Edition

Hey, all; Happy Friday!


Today is a very special anniversary here at A.V.O. Chintzee’s, and in its’ honor, we present a special Happy Hour menu to go along with it.



The “GJI (Good Joined Items) Platter!” – An assortment of our regular menu items, mixed into one basket, at a discounted price! NOTE: Items will be kitchen’s choice, and in some cases, partially eaten and well-digested. – $7.99


Peppercorn Bacon Silders – Made with genuine Hormel Black Label(tm) Bacon. Good, we swear! – $7.69


















Hatequaff – House specialty made to order. You tell us the drinks you hate the most, and we mix them together in one glass! If you finish it, you get it half-price! – Market price

The Dawes Equis – An esoteric regional drink that we’ve come to love, and think you will too! – $3.50

The “Bloody Ernie” – Our traditional House Sangria, but mixed in a new and unique way! Some ingredients might be the same, there may be some new additions. You won’t know until you get it; and frankly, neither will we. Trust us, though, it’ll taste great! – Market price


This menu’s been a long time coming, so we hope you enjoy it! If not, feel free to take your business elsewhere! And remember, it’s 5 o’clock, somewhere!