Werewolves 69: A Nightmare on Werewolf Street – Signups

The town of Springwood, Ohio is like any other on the surface.  Quiet and idyllic with almost no crime to speak of.  But beneath that charm lay a dark history, one which the residents were loath to admit.  It was a secret that they hid from their children even though it had directly affected them and their fellow classmates years before.  They hoped it could just be forgotten about for the sake of their children.

That was not to be the case for them.

That was not to be the case for you.

Cast List

1) Forget it Jake
2) D. Goat
3) The Hayes Code
4) Mr.ImMyOwnGrandfather
5) Clodia
7) the god king snugglewumps
8) Lindsay🦄DisasterLesbian
9) Thinking Of Changing My Name
10) Pops Freshenmeyer
11) Admirax
12) Lamb Dance
13) April
14) Owen


1) MacCrocodile
2) Candide
3) Hohopossum
4) Klaatu Barada Doctor Nickto
5) Lovely Bones
6) Sic Humor

Role List


6 Innocent Teenagers
1 Babysitter
1 Teenage Detective
1 Drug Dealer
1 Mystery Role


1 Unknown Slasher
3 Unknown Villains Working Together

Start Time will 8/20/2018 @ 10:00 AM