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The Superhero Tournament- Round of 16

It’s down to the Final 16. With 10 of its characters  remaining, Marvel is still doubling up on DC’s 5. With the Tick eliminated, Hellboy is the last outlier. 4 female characters remain, a quarter of the surviving field. Ms. Marvel is the last character created in the current century. Three mutants are still hanging around.  You can look over the whole knockout stage with the bracket here.

The characters who earned the most votes but were eliminated (and in theory able to claim they’re in the Avocado Top 20 Superheroes) were She-Hulk (45), Captain Marvel (44), Hulk (42), and Storm (44)- with Black Panther blocking her rematch with Wonder Woman.

All 8 matches will be posted below, and all typical Avocado Tournament Rules. You will have about a day to vote before matchups are closed.