The Thursday Politics Commits A Smocking Obstruction

Morning Politiocadoes!

As the Manafort Trail churns along, President Good Brain seems to be going off the rails. In a series of tweets, the Leader of the Free World intimated that the Mueller investigation was illegal and that Jeff Sessions should end it. Most people would call this ‘Obstruction of Justice’. Most pundits are hanging on the word ‘should’ here. Sarah Huckleberry Sanders claimed that his tweets are just his opinions. Which, okay, but seeing as how he’s called out his own employee on this then how much of a difference is there really?

What’s interesting here is that he’s chosen to do this at the same time that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has made it clear he’s showing interest in the President’s tweets. Now, we can all read this as Trump growing more and more unhinged. The Mad King getting to his “Burn Them All!” stage. It’s a fair read, after all. Paul Manafort’s on trial, or that testimony from several White House aides are now in Mueller’s hands. Very good reason to think that despite all his rage, he’s just a rat in a cage.


This is all true. And his tweetstorm yesterday certainly was unhinged. Who the hell decides to bring up a comparison between infamous mobster Al Capone and his own campaign manager Paul Manafort, especially when he knows Special Counsel is listening? Someone who’s desperately trying to distract us, I suspect. While I think that his unhinged tweets will be helpful evidence, they aren’t a ‘smocking gun’. I think they’ll help illustrate his state of mind around larger, much more damaging evidence. It’s not a great strategy sure, but let it not be said that there isn’t one. Saying outlandish things to distract people is basically his raison d’etre.

So, as fun as this is all is,(goodness knows I find it cathartic) never forget about what’s actually important going forward. Conspiracy happened. obstruction of justice happened, human rights violations are still happening, general high crimes and misdemeanours have been and will continue to be committed until he is gone. There is a special election in Ohio in about a week, the last one before November for Ohio’s 12th congressional district. If you know anyone who lives there that’s of the mind to, have them support Danny O’Connor.

Also, QAnon’s a garbage op from one of the Chans which posits that every President other than Trump was a corrupt pedophle. they think that Q  is JFK Jr, whom faked his death



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