Comic-Con Thread: Friday

It’s day two of Comic-Con and there has already been a panel with one member of The Police on it. Will Sting and Andy Summers also appear on a random panel this weekend? What random 80’s musician are you looking forward to unexpectedly seeing appear on a panel?

Today’s big panels (All times Pacific):

Adventure Time (Probably their last panel for a long time) 10:00 am

Fear The Walking Dead 11:15 am

FLCL 11:30 am

The Walking Dead 12:15 pm

Castle Rock World Premiere 12:45 pm

Star Trek Discovery 1:30 pm

The Venture Bros. 1:30 pm

Invader Zim: Enter The Floorpus 2:15 pm

Robot Chicken 2:15 pm

Final Space 3:30 pm

Universal Pictures: Glass and Halloween 3:45 pm

Bob’s Burgers 4:15 pm

Paramount: Bumblebee 5:00 pm

Archer 5:15 pm

Cloak & Dagger 5:45 pm

Sony Pictures 6:15 pm

Death of Superman World Premiere 7:00 pm

Preacher 7:30 pm

Mega64 8:00 pm

The 30th Annual Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards 8:00 pm

Spike & Mike’s Sick and Twisted Festival of Animation 9:30 pm