Announcement: Best TV Opening Sequence/Theme Song Tournament

Once and for all, let’s determine what show got off to the best start every week.

I think we all know the general rules of these things, but here are a few custom rules:

  • There will be an additional round! I’ve noticed that sometimes, late nominees don’t get as many votes as they deserve, either because they haven’t been visible long enough or because people don’t go back and look for new nominees after they’ve already voted. So there will first be a nomination round in which votes do not count. Once all the nominees are in, I’ll post them all in the seeding round, which will determine who makes the tournament and with what seed. Because all the shows will be posted at approximately the same time, they should all have the same opportunity to advance.
  • Some shows have multiple opening sequences/theme songs. I will determine on a case-by-case basis whether they should be considered separately. For example, the MST3K (original run) opening changes slightly, but not enough for each season to get its own nomination. However, MST3K: The Return will count separately; similarly, Twin Peaks and Twin Peaks: The Return are different enough to warrant separate nominations. Meanwhile, The Drew Carey Show has at least three distinct opening sequences with different songs (Cleveland Rocks, Moon Over Parma, Five O’Clock World) and all will be considered distinct entities.
  • Including videos is acceptable and optional. Feel free to not include a video if you think everybody is familiar with the show and theme/sequence being referenced. If you do include a video, please also include the name of the show and any other necessary information in plain text so that people know what they’re voting on even if they have media turned off.
  • Downvotes count as upvotes. Don’t be petty.

The tournament will begin with the nomination round shortly after the Muppets tournament ends, with posting schedule thereafter TBD.