Best Video Game Character Tournament, Semifinals

128 entered and only four remain.

Results from Round Five:

  • The characters who received the most votes overall was Link, who perhaps faced the weakest competition in Bowser. Unsurprisingly, Bowser was the character who received the least votes.
  • The advancing character who received the least votes was GLaDOS, who won her match with Mario with just one vote. This was also, of course, the closest match.

The Final Four


Originating Game: Portal

Occupation: Scientist and caretaker of Aperture Labs

Likes: Science, testing, deadly turrets, deadly neurotoxin, human subjects for testing deadly turrets and deadly neurotoxin

Dislikes: Interruptions to testing, dangerous mute lunatics, particularly idiotic personality cores, birds, being murdered

Carmen Sandiego

Originating Game: Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

Occupation: Gentlewoman thief

Likes: Her trademark red trench coat and hat, expensive jewelry, priceless works of art, irreplaceable historic monuments

Dislikes: ACME, incompetent henchmen, fifth graders with almanacs


Originating game: The Legend of Zelda

Occupation: Legendary hero

Likes: Adventure, helping Zelda, the Master Sword, horses, archery, bombs, hookshots, smashing pots for rupees

Dislikes: Ganon in his many forms, ReDeads, Cuccos, Water Temples


Wait… that’s not quite right. Hold on a sec.


Originating Game: Mario Bros.

Occupation: Plumber turned part-time princess rescuer and ghost exterminator

Likes: The color green, equal partnerships with his brother Mario, mushrooms, party and sports games

Dislikes: Constantly being in his brother’s shadow, people forgetting his name, ghosts, his own constant sense of self-loathing

To vote in this bracket: Please add an upvote to the character in each matchup you’d like to see advance. Please don’t add discussion to the matchup threads. Instead, create a new post for discussion. This makes it easier for people to see and vote on the matchups.