Exciting New Letters for English Night Thread

Hi there! We here at the English language have been working hard on new letters for you to enjoy. Here are the new letters for FY 2019:

Þ – Þis one is an oldie-but-goodie. Originating as a rune, thorn (þorn) will be þere for you whenever typing “th” becomes too much.

ſ – A claſsic. Relive þe heyday of witch trials by replacing þe short “s” at the beginning or middle of words with þis ſwooshy ſtroke.

– The “R rum rotunda,” uſeful for abbreviating words þat end in ram, -orum and -arum. Or words Þat ſound like Þey do.

Ж – Have you ever wondered about all Þose weird loanwords frꝝ French with a “zh” ſound? Þey have a letter for that in, you gueſsed it, Russian. Get ready to treaжure drawing an old-faſhioned TV roof antenna in the middle of words Þat uſed to have an s, and the beginning of words Þat uſed to start with j.

– ſtraight frꝝ Maſsachuſetts colꝏnial orþography and perfect if you need a faſter way to ſay someþing’s spꝏky.

Χ – Þe Greek chi, whiχ will be used to make þe “ch” sound. Prepare for χ-χ-χ-χ-χanges.

ꙮ – OooOOOooooOOOO, for when þings are EXTRA spky.

Ֆ – The Armenian f, reſerved for pronouncing þe General Mills logo.

As you can ſee, eaχ of Þese new letters will add ſomeÞing ſpecial to English, leaving it muχ imprꝏved. Wꙮ!